Prometric can email admission to test letters to candidates.  

With this technology, you will experience quicker notification of your testing event dates, time and location. 

Please remember to include your email address on your application when you submit it for registration

NOTICE: Prometric has been actively engaged in identifying and responding to the potential health risks COVID-19 poses to our test takers, staff, and other individuals. Our responses have taken into account numerous perspectives, including governmental policies and information provided by local/global health organizations.

Prometric resumed home care aide testing on July 15, 2020, where allowed by local jurisdictions and as supported by available testing sites and staff.  We will reschedule any impacted candidates as soon as we can, and appreciate your patience as it may take some time to get all sites operational again. 

At this time, the following test sites have not resumed:


While much about testing will remain the same, Prometric has instituted new safety procedures for all Home Care Aide testing events in response to COVID-19, including special training for our staff, additional cleaning at testing sites, and a new mask requirement for all test takers. Prometric guidelines require that a candidate must bring and wear a mask at all times and follow the instruction of the Home Care Aide Evaluator.  You will be prohibited from testing if you don’t have a mask.  Please be advised that testing sites may also have their own safety guidelines.  Site specific, local and state guidelines may also apply and must be followed.  Site entry restrictions may vary by site and include such things as proof of COVID-19 testing (IFT sites only), temperature checking, sign in logs, etc.  Candidates must also follow any site requests or restrictions to test with Prometric. 

For the latest updates regarding COVID-19 in general and best practices for overall health and safety, please visit

As of May 1, 2016, Prometric and the Washington Department of Health have enhanced the candidate application process in addition to introducing a new Knowledge Exam to certify Home Care Aides. Please visit DOH’s webpage HERE for more information

Take a practice test for the new knowledge exam that went live on May 1, 2016

ATTENTION: All Home Care Aide test takers and trainers!

A new certification law took effect in January 2012 that requires candidates of the Washington Home Care Aide program to follow some new guidelines in regards to their training and certification.

1. Complete a Washington State Department of Health application within fourteen days of hire.

The Department of Health (DOH) Application includes information required to schedule candidates for the certification exam. Prometric requires candidates to provide an email address to be scheduled for the certification exam. If an email address is not provided, Prometric will NOT schedule candidates to take the certification exam. Payment for the exam must be included along with the complete DOH application submitted to DOH. DOH will send the candidate an Authorization to Test email and notify Prometric once a candidate has met all requirements to take the certification exam.

2. Complete 75 hours of training.

The law now requires applicants to complete 75 hours of training before taking the exam. DOH will verify training is completed and notify Prometric that candidates can be scheduled for the certification exam.

3. Read the Candidate Bulletin.

The booklet contains important information about exam fees, scheduling and scoring, and includes a set of frequently asked questions to provide candidates with information and help simplify the process. Please download the booklet and read it!

4. Read the letter from Prometric.

Once Prometric receives notice from DOH that a candidate is eligible to take the certification exam, Prometric will email an Admission to Test (ATT) to the candidate’s e-mail address that was provided on the submitted application. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check their inbox, junk and spam folders for emails from Prometric. The ATT will provide important information about the time, date and location of the exam. This is the final step in the exam scheduling process. If the ATT has not been received after two weeks (30 days if requesting an interpreter or ADA accommodation) from receiving an Authorization to Test email from DOH, please contact Prometric.

5. Prepare for test day!

Arrive at the testing location on the date and time stated in the ATT email from Prometric. Candidates should bring the ATT and must bring two valid forms of ID to the testing location.

We hope this helps provide some guidance around the new process and helps test takers and trainers know what steps to take to have a positive testing experience.

For questions about the testing process please contact:

For questions regarding Home Care Aide certification requirements, laws or the program, please send an e-mail to:

Contact Information

Questions regarding the examination process should be directed to Prometric at: To assist us in providing you with an answer to your question in a timely manner, your email should include your name, address, date of birth and Prometric ID (if known).

Prometric’s WA HCA team can be reached at the following address:

Atten: WAHCA
7941 Corporate Dr.
Nottingham, MD 21236
(800) 324-4689

Appeals Process

Our goal is to provide a quality examination and a pleasant testing experience for every candidate.  If you are dissatisfied with either and believe we can correct the problem, we would like to hear from you.  We provide an opportunity for general comments at the end of your exam.  Your comments will be reviewed by our personnel, but you will not receive a direct response.
If you would like to submit an appeal concerning examination content, registration, scheduling or test administration (testing site procedures, equipment, personnel, ect.), please submit an appeal by visiting
The Appeals Committee will review your concern and send you a written response within 20 business days of receipt.