Test Delivery Solutions

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Prometric’s full range of Test Delivery Solutions provides convenient locations, flexible delivery models and customized programs. We have created one of the largest and most secured test delivery systems in the world, one that delivers tests every day of the week, any week of the year, in thousands of individual testing centers.  You can expect us to deliver customized services to meet all of your specific needs, including eligibility setting, scheduling and registration, test distribution and administration, test taker identity management, voucher distribution, and billing and payment. From solutions that promote portability to increased security through the use of biometric capture, we have the scope, scale and ability to customize your program to suit your specific needs.

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Test Development Solutions

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Your tests are a promise, an assurance from your organization that those granted licensure or accreditation have met important standards. Whether you are looking to develop reliable assessment strategies, rich test content or innovative processes, Prometric can help you achieve your objectives.  Our experienced and globally diverse test development staff is able to meet the most challenging of testing requirements. Utilizing best-practices within the testing community, we can help you develop and maintain exams that comply with recognized professional standards domestically or internationally. 

Global Business Solutions

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Prometric delivers exams at more than 14,000 locations in 180 countries annually.  We are an established testing company with experience supporting organizations efforts to expand their program reach.  We empower test owners to advance their credentialing programs through our secure and consistent technology-enabled testing infrastructure.