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Locating a Test Center

Finding a test center is closely linked with scheduling an exam. Not all exams are offered at all centers, so in order to find a center near you, visit your test sponsor’s page and follow instructions from there to locate/schedule your exam.  


No. The reason you first need to indicate what exam in which you are interested is because not all exams are offered at all centers. For example, while the nearest test center to your home may be one mile away, that center may not deliver the exam want to take.

Our test center locator is directly tied to the exam you want to take. Therefore, when you search for a test center, the search results will only show test center sites that have availability on the dates you have indicated that you'd like to take your exam.

To check the status of your testing center location, please visit our Test Center Closures page, where you'll find a list of all centers that are closed due to inclement weather or other circumstances. You will be notified if your exam appointment is impacted.

Schedule, Reschedule, Cancel or Confirm Details of Exam

The fastest and easiest way to schedule your exam is to do so online via From there visit your test sponsor’s page and follow instructions to schedule your exam. Our website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each test sponsor requires different and/or specific information. You must be familiar with the required information to schedule your exam. The information you may be asked to provide may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Your name. The name used to schedule your appointment must EXACTLY match the name shown on your identification. At a minimum, the identification must be a valid, government-issued ID that shows your name in the English alphabet, your signature and your photograph.
  • Your Social Security, Social Insurance or Prometric Testing I.D. (SP#) Number 
  • Contact phone numbers - If there is a problem, we will use these numbers to reach you.
  • Mailing address. Please provide the address to which you would like any paper correspondence sent.
  • Exam number and title
  • Eligibility information, if required
  • E-mail address - Once again for contact purposes, this is often the fastest and most effective means of contact. Many test sponsors require e-mail contact information for registration.

Yes. Many test appointments can be cancelled and/or rescheduled through the Prometric Web site. From the home page, click on the button for what you’d like to do (either cancel or reschedule). Then, simply follow the on-screen instructions which will walk you through the process, step by step.

As part of the process, you’ll need to provide the confirmation number you received when you scheduled your exam initially. You can find your confirmation number on the email you received from Prometric when you scheduled your exam. If you do not have your confirmation number, contact our customer service center to find the correct contact details for your location. Information on our customer service phone numbers will be available in your testing organization page on our website.

The fee to reschedule an exam varies by testing organization, as does the amount of time you have to do so without penalty. Please check the procedures specific to the organization whose exam you are taking for rescheduling timeliness and penalties.

Please note that not all test sponsors require eligibility, therefore, you may be able to test immediately. For those programs requiring an eligibility ID, scheduling will be available within 48-72 hours of receiving authorization from the test sponsor.

The testing centers' primary purpose is to administer exams. Some centers may schedule appointments if you call them directly, however, most will not. Test centers prefer to have all of their appointments scheduled online or through the Prometric Contact Center. It is fast and easy to schedule an exam using Prometric’s website. To begin, start by finding your exam under the test taker menu. 

When you go to our online registration Web site or speak to a representative from our Contact Center, you will be asked to provide your preferred test date. The first available time slot on that date will be offered to you. If your preferred appointment date is not available, you’ll be able to search for, and identify, an alternative date.

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances require a test center to unexpectedly close. Should this happen, we will make every effort to contact so that you don’t show up at the center. We will try contacting you by e-mail and by telephone, so please ensure that the contact information you provide during the scheduling and registration process is accurate.

Should your center unexpectedly close for any reason, you will be contacted by Prometric within 48-72 hours to reschedule your appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

It really depends on the exam. Some exams are only available during select testing windows, and others are offered throughout the year. Depending on the exam, Prometric may administer same-day exams, from Monday through Friday and at times on the weekend if it’s available. Your test sponsor may provide you with specific information for the examination you are trying to schedule.

As part of the process, you’ll need to provide the confirmation number you received when you scheduled your exam initially, so please have it with you. If you do not have your confirmation number, please contact our customer service center.

A test sponsor/owner is not your employer or company sponsoring you to take an exam. Instead, the sponsor/owner is responsible for providing the test material - this could be a state, an organization, or an institution.

As of July 1, 2023, only valid government issued IDs will be accepted, unless specified by your test sponsor.

Effective May 1, 2023, Prometric will allow candidates to bring water into the test room during their exam. No other beverages are permitted. All water must be in a clear or transparent container with a lid or cap. All labels must be removed, and the container will be inspected for notes or other test aids during the security check.  The candidate will need to remove the lid/cap for visual inspection by the Test Center staff. Should the container not meet the requirements outlined, the candidate will be required to put it in their locker and will not be allowed to take it into the test room. NOTE: Some test sponsors do NOT allow water in the test room, so please check your test sponsor rules.

With the implementation of this change, candidates will no longer require testing accommodations for water in the test room. Should a candidate require a non-water beverage, they will require a testing accommodation, but a separate testing room will no longer be required.


Generally, we accept all major credit cards. For some exams programs we also accept certified bank checks, money orders or wire transfers.

When you schedule your appointment online or by telephone, you will be asked to provide your method of payment. Provide your voucher number at this time. You may also present the voucher onsite at your local test center.

Prometric vouchers are non-returnable, non-refundable and may only be used for the type of test indicated on the voucher. Terms and conditions of use accompany each voucher order along with the expiration date. Vouchers may not be redeemed after the expiration date.

Credit card processing time varies depending upon the exam. Your credit card may be charged from the time you schedule your appointment up to the time you are scheduled to test.

You can print your receipt yourself as part of the online scheduling and registration process, at the end of your payment transaction. There are some exams for which you do not pay Prometric directly, but rather you pay the testing organization whose test you are taking. In these cases you must request a receipt from that organization, and not from Prometric.

Alternatively, you can contact us and request a confirmation letter which includes the amount you paid for your exam.

The cost of any exam is dictated by the organization whose exam it is. You can likely find pricing information on that organization’s website. In addition, it will be visible at some point during the online scheduling and registration process.

Possibly. Whether or not you receive a refund for your cancelled exam depends on the exam you were scheduled to take, how far in advance you cancel your exam and the rules and procedures surrounding exam cancellation set forth by the organization whose exam it is. Each organization has its own rules surrounding how cancellations and refunds are handled, so please refer to the sponsoring organization for information specific to your exam.

After the Test

That depends on the exam you've taken. How scores are reported, and when, is determined by the organization, not by Prometric. Some test takers may be able to see a test completion notice (unofficial scores) at the end of their exam. This is dependent on the type of exam and client.  In some cases, the testing organization asks Prometric to send scores to them directly first, and then they send the results to test takers.

For most exams, you may try the link here to print out your score report upon completion of the exam. Please check with your exam sponsor for complete information.

To obtain information about the status of your certification, you must contact the examination sponsor directly. Prometric delivers the exam on behalf of test sponsors, but the certification or license for which you are ultimately testing is managed by the organization whose exam you took.

Whether you are able to take your examination again depends on the test you're taking and the rules set forth by the testing organization. For many certification exams, test takers are permitted to test as many times as they wish, though sometimes there is a mandatory waiting period. If the exam requires that a test taker is "eligible", meaning that she/he has met certain pre-requisite criteria, the restrictions around the eligibility will determine whether you can retest. As the rules around retesting are unique to each organization, please check with your exam sponsor for complete information.


Exam fees paid to the test sponsor need to be requested from them directly. We are unable to accommodate any refund requests.

You may submit a refund request by completing the Request a Refund form.

Our Candidate Care team will review your requests and email an update within 7 – 10 business days of receipt, unless further research and/or documentation are required. Refund requests made via phone will not be accepted.

Payments which were made with credit card will be refunded to the same card. For payments made by money order / check, Prometric will no longer send check refunds. All payments made via other forms (other than credit card) will be refunded through ACH direct deposit services to avoid any delay on refund payments.


You may submit a reimbursement request by completing Request a Reimbursement form.  

You may request for a reimbursement for qualifying transportation and/ accommodations, as outlined below, if your original test was impacted with no advance notification of cancellation from Prometric. Proof (receipt) must be provided for any reimbursements.

  • Airfare/ train / bus / taxi / toll / parking to test center
  • Hotel / accommodations
  • Meals
  • Mileage

Unfortunately, loss of wages and loss of vacation/sick time are not reimbursable items.

Test Center Policies

Prior to entering the proctoring room, the following processes will be enacted:

  • As a part of Prometric’s security protocols, test-takers will be asked to show their arms and ankles, as well as empty their pockets. Candidates who wear eyeglasses will be asked to remove them for inspection. Test-takers will be scanned with a handheld metal detection device prior to entering the testing room (with the exception of exempt individuals).
  • Image capture (if applicable) will be completed from the same position.  Any test-takers wearing masks will need to lower or remove momentarily for this process by clasping the sides or strap of the mask to remove briefly, and then reaffixing in same manner. As an additional safety measure, all test-takers may be required to use hand sanitizer before using any fingerprint scanners.
  • Test center staff will provide candidates with note boards and markers or paper and pencils for those who use scratch paper, where applicable by program.


During the exam process, the following modified processes will be enacted:

  • Where local government guidelines dictate, test-takers will be seated in a manner that ensures applicable distancing requirements are satisfied during testing.
  • Monitoring of the test room will be done by using existing video surveillance as well as physical walkthroughs by Test Center Administrators.  These will also be conducted at least every 10 minutes.
  • If an unscheduled break is needed, test-takers should raise their hands and wait for a test center employee to assist them.
  • For locker access during breaks, the same process applied during check-in will be followed. Test-takers will be instructed to only access lockers for food, drink, and medication, except for programs with full access.  Please consult your test sponsor’s client practice guide for your exam’s specific locker access policies.
  • Test center staff will record the time in and out of the test room, removing the need for the test-taker to sign the roster during exit and return from breaks.


  1. Test-takers will be asked to return to the reception/admin area to complete their sign out process.
  2. Test center employees will then:
  • Have the test-taker sign out with the Prometric provided pen.
  • Instruct test-takers to provide all plain colored scratch paper and place them into a secure bin or return used erasable note boards for cleaning.
  • Allow test-takers to go to their locker to collect personal items.
  • Allow test-taker to sign out/return the locker key.

Testing Accommodations

Prior to testing, testing accommodations must be approved by the test sponsor before scheduling the appointment. The respective test sponsors will be able to advice on the documentation required to facilitate the Testing Accommodation application and approval. The Testing Accommodations Department can be reached at 1-800-967-1139 if you have any enquiries and a representative will be more than happy to assist you.

If you have accommodations approved, it will no longer be a regular appointment. The availability on the Prometric system will adjust according to the duration of time the registered exam has stipulated during the registration process. As a result, you will only be able to view dates and locations of test centers that are able to accommodate the total duration and capacity of your test. The Testing Accommodations Department can be reached at 1-800-967-1139.

A list of pre-approved testing accommodations can be found here.


If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please Contact Us directly and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.