• Stuart Udell

    Chief Executive Officer

    Prometric CEO Stuart J. Udell is a veteran in the…

  • Kevin Baird

    Chief Experience Officer

    Kevin Baird is Prometric’s Chief Experience Office…

  • Nikki Eatchel 

    Chief Assessment Officer

    Nikki Eatchel is Prometric's Chief Assessment…

  • Nick Bates

    Chief Financial Officer

    Prometric Chief Financial Officer Nick Bates is a…

  • Kevin Pawsey

    Kevin Pawsey

    Chief Product and Technology Officer

    Kevin Pawsey is Prometric’s Chief Product and Tech…

  • Kewin Gales Image

    Kewin Gales

    Chief Administrative Officer

    Kewin Gales is Prometric’s Chief Administrati…

  • Steve Shapiro

    Senior Vice President of AI in Assessment and CEO of Finetune

    Steve Shapiro is Prometric’s Senior Vice President…

  • James Lee Image

    James Lee

    Senior Vice President, Risk Management and Compliance

    James Lee is Prometric’s Senior Vice Pre…

  • Phil Poletti

    Senior Vice President of Channel Operations

    Phil Poletti is Prometric’s Senior Vice President…

  • Meg Roe

    Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

    A results-driven executive, Meg Roe leads Prometri…

  • Ade Galloway

    Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs

    Ade B. Galloway is Prometric’s Senior Vice Pr…

  • Missy Pydo 

    Vice President and Growth Leader, North America 

    Missy Pydo is Vice President and Growth Leader…

  • Azadar Shah

    Vice President and Growth Leader, EMEA

    Azadar Shah is Vice President and Growth Leader of…

  • Jim Hagenbucher Image

    Jim Hagenbucher

    Vice President, General Manager Japan

    Jim Hagenbucher is currently responsible for Prome…

  • Humphrey Chan image

    Humphrey Chan

    Senior Vice President, Emerging Markets

    Humphrey Chan is Prometric’s Senior Vice Pres…