Expand Your Program's Reach

Professional certification and licensure programs offer individuals the opportunity to advance their careers.  Opening up your program to U.S. military funding can help broaden your organizations reach and reinforce your brand in a potentially new market.  

Explore resources that can help get your program approved or verified by government organizations:

Solider on Computer

Explore Your Test Center Network Options

Prometric's test center network of 14,000+ sites in over 180 countries provides flexible testing for civilian and servicemember populations.  Prometric works with military bases domestically and internationally to create opportunities for test takers to complete exams in a comfortable, easy-to-access environment. 

Reach out to your account manager today, or contact us for more information on test center coverage. 


Promote Your Program Through COOL

Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) websites offer information for service members in each branch of the military who want to leverage their military experience as they prepare for civilian employment.  Put your program in front of thousands today by joining the COOL network. 

Explore your branch options:


Marine Corps COOL


Navy Civilian COOL

Air Force COOL