ProProctor - Administer your exams securely, anytime, anywhere via Prometric's fully-integrated remote assessment solution


Safely grow your program reach with remote assessments.

With the ProProctor remote assessment solution, you can grow your program globally and reach more candidates anytime, anywhere. Our multi-modality solution gives test takers the choice of taking their exams in-person or online, at a time and location that is convenient for them. Candidates have the same screen experience and use the same test driver across different test delivery modalities. 

Test anytime with 24/7 live proctoring

During the exam, candidates will be continuously monitored by multiple live proctors and provided with customer services support 24/7.

Reach candidates across the globe, regardless of location

With remote proctoring services, you can grow your program to reach candidates on all continents, including the most remote locations.

Deliver assessments in-person or online

In addition to online proctoring, Prometric operates 14,000 test-centers in 180 countries. Even during the pandemic, 97% of our network remains open for testing.

Secure your testing assets and protect candidate’s personal information via end-to-end, layered security processes

We have combined our three decades of experience in on-site test management with deep expertise and advanced technology to ensure high security and protection of your assets —granting you peace of mind. While Prometric's proctors constantly monitor test takers during the exam, they never have access to examination content, which minimizes the exposure of your assets. We also have all the tools, systems, and processes in place to ensure the privacy of your candidates’ personal data.

Testing Security. Before Exam: Secured Login Controls, Candidate Authenticity Check, and 360 Environmental Checks. During Testing: Proprietary Locked Down Browsers, AI Powered Anomaly Detection, One-way Exam Access, and Live Video Review Functionality

8:1 candidate to proctor ratio

We set high standards for candidate-to-proctor ratios to keep your assets safe and guarantee fairness of the test-taking process. All our proctors are certified, and they monitor candidates in real-time.

Human touch combined with the power of high technology

Proctors are assisted by AI technology, which flags any suspicious candidate behavior and actions. ProProctor platform detects and blocks inappropriate key-strokes and tracks head movement.

Proprietary locked down browser

Our proprietary web browser helps prevent candidates from accessing aid via other programs or being able to screen capture exam content. With Prometric's technology, you won’t need to rely on commercial browsers for exam delivery. Test takers won’t need to disable browser settings before taking the exam.


All creating a seamless testing experience your candidates need

The ProProctor platform offers candidates with self-service features, a simple, intuitive interface, and 24/7 proctor support to ensure a smooth test taking process — providing the reliability, flexibility, convenience, and personalized support candidates need when taking life-altering exams.

Self Guided Exam Setup

ProProctor self-service capabilities allow candidates to confirm computer systems requirements, schedule exam appointments, and navigate the test.

Pre-Exam Resources

Test takers can access guides and demo videos to learn what to expect on the exam day and prepare themselves in advance.

Easy to Use Interface

Using the same user interface as our global test centers, the ProProctor platform ensures a user-friendly test-taking experience.

In-Exam Live Chat

The test takers can reach out to the proctor if they have any questions or in case of emergency.

Item Highlighting

This feature allows test takers to focus only on the most important parts of the questions.

Digital Scratchpad

Digital scratchpad replaces scrap papers,  allowing test takers to have the same experience as with on-site testing.

ProProctor platform is integrated with our proprietary Prometric Assessment System

The ProProctor remote delivery solution is one component of the Prometric Assessment System — our integrated end-to-end technology and growing solution set that supports the full range of assessment services. From development delivery, and everything in-between, the Prometric Assessment System incorporates both the technologies and services required to provide your testing program with exceptional, high-quality results.

Our global reach and availability of on-site test centers keep the door open to resume on-site proctoring in the future. You can expand your program to an even larger number of candidates with Prometric's omnichannel advantage. ProProctor platform is completely integrated and compatible with our existing systems and infrastructure and our professional implementation team will support you during the implementation process. The transition process is smooth and easy as there are no publishing requirements for your content.

The Prometric Assessment System: Build, Manage, Deliver, Analyze



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“By using ProProctor, we can now deliver exams securely and conveniently to some of our most remote candidates.” 
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