Test Design and Structure

We provide a streamlined solution to design tests in a valid and reliable manner.  Our team will take a consultative, systematic approach to primary test design and structure functions:  Job Analysis, Standard Setting, Test Specification Development, Form Design, and Test Blueprint Documentation.  


Testing and Assessment Solutions Brochure

Item Writing Workshop

Item Development

We provide high quality item development and review through a collaborative process.  Item development includes editing, review, and updating.  Prometric's test development specialists can provide item writer training, facilitation of item writing workshops, item review panel meeting, and item analysis.  

Test Assembly, Scoring, and Reporting

Through a consultative approach, we can provide fixed form assembly and form review to enable optimal candidate performance.  Our experts can assist with score scaling, re-scoring, classical test theory (CTT), item response theory (IRT), bank-based assembly, domain diagnostic reports, beta-form assembly, and inter-rater reliability studies.

Item Bank Management

Item bank organization and review is important for effective test assembly and delivery.  We can provide efficient and productive ways to create, review, store, organize and analyze items.  Test development experts can conduct gap analysis, item re-referencing, re-coding, migration, and setup. 

Client Meeting

Advanced Psychometric Services

We have a breadth of experience providing psychometric services to a wide variety of clients and industries.  Our experts can provide options tailored to your needs.  Services can include attenuation studies, drift analysis, pass rate analysis, speededness test, validation studies, item exposure analysis, and impact analysis. 

Exam Program Management

Day-to-day management of programs can be a daunting task.  Our staff is here to help with project management, subject matter expert (SME) recruiting and management, copyright services, and logistics management.