Washington Department of Health Practice Test


This is a practice test for the Washington Department of Health Certified Home Care Aide Exam. Each question is true false. One question contains an image associated with the question and another contains a short video associated with the question. To play the video clip, please press the arrow facing right on the video screen.

  1. True or False: A client’s confidential information can be legally shared with the client’s family members.

  2. True or False: When talking with a client who has difficulty hearing, the home care aide should expect that background noise can affect the client’s hearing.

  3. True or False: A home care aide’s job responsibilities are always defined by the doctor.

  4. True or False: A client who is confined to a bed should have a pillow placed directly behind the knees.

  5. True or False: Gloves can be disinfected and reused.

  6. True or False: A client’s legal rights are important because they protect a client's freedom and dignity.

    WADOH Practice Test Question #6
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  7. True or False: Relationship problems, difficulty making decisions, and/or changes in sleep patterns could be signs of stress.

  8. True or False: Good self-care practices by the home care aide include making other people's needs more important.

  9. True or False: If the client is doing tasks assigned to the home care aide, the home care aide should report this to the supervisor.

  10. True or False: Proper body mechanics include bending at the knees.

Lifting at the knees

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Answers: 1. False 2. True 3. False 4. False 5. False 6. True 7.True 8. False 9. True 10. True