Update: California Interpreting Examinations (Written Exams, Oral Proficiency Examinations, and Bilingual Interpreting Examinations) are cancelled. For additional detailed information, concerning an automatic refund of the exam fee, visit the Court Interpreters Program.

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As of January 1st 2018, all written exams previously taken or moving forward are valid for four years.

Please ensure you provide/update your language(s) of Intent when registering for any California Court Interpreter exam.

Scheduling for the court interpreter written exam is currently available! Click the schedule my test button above to get started.

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Effective January 1, 2011, the California Court Interpreters Program will offer test reciprocity to court interpreters who passed Consortium-developed oral interpreting exams administered in member states. Please note that the California Court Interpreters Program will only recognize oral interpreting exam standards and scores that meet or exceed the requirements in California. To find out more abou​t the eligibility requirements, please see:

Information about licensing is available on the licensing agency Web site. The link below takes you out of the Prometric Web site and into the agency site; a new browser window will open when you click a link.
California Web site

Our goal is to provide a quality exam and a pleasant testing experience for every candidate. If you are dissatisfied with either and believe we can correct the problem, we would like to hear from you. We provide an opportunity for general comments at the end of your exam. Your comments will be reviewed by our personnel, but you will not receive a direct response.

If you would like to submit an appeal concerning examination content, registration, scheduling or test administration (testing site procedures, equipment, personnel, etc.), please submit an appeal by visiting contact us: appeals.

The Appeals Committee will review your concern and send you a written response within 20 business days of receipt.

Important Notice: Disagreement with scores is not grounds for an appeal.  Additionally, an appeal will not result in the re-rating of an exam or a retesting opportunity unless an administrative error warrants these actions.

Please contact Prometric if you any additional questions or concerns.

Appeals Committee
7941 Corporate Drive
Nottingham, MD 21236
(443) 751-4800