Test Distribution

Prometric will help you determine the best test distribution options for availability at test centers, delivery frequency and most efficient delivery model. And we manage test content through a variety of flexible delivery options. From our global test center locations to client-specified sites, we cover the full spectrum of test distribution methods, including traditional paper-based and computer-based tests, internet-based testing and more.

Prometric can work with you, based on your unique program specifications, to determine the best options for test center availability, best delivery frequency and most efficient delivery model. Deciding where and how to distribute your exam is completely customizable depending on your preferences and your situation. There are many considerations that go into deciding your test distribution details, including the size of your item bank and the number of test takers you anticipate to the level of security you desire and the reach you are seeking, whether domestic, international or both. We have a full network of 6,000 test centers from which we can securely distribute your tests and accommodate your population of test takers, wherever they are located.

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