Item Banking

An item bank, a robust repository of test questions and the components that make up those questions, is critical to keeping exam content secure and fresh. By developing a bank of well-written items and managing the careful construction​ of exams, professional test developers can create tests that accurately measure the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for competence. A standard item banking system provides test developers and subject matter experts (SMEs) a set of tools to facilitate the writing, review, editing and selection of test questions. An excellent item banking system also provides the automation, standardization, and scalability essential to developing and maintaining effective tests.

At Prometric, our item banking system enables remote collaboration for virtual item creation and can address your most pressing development, efficiency and consistency challenges.

With a full suite of features created specifically to make item development and test development easier, faster and more cost effective, Prometric’s item banking system is a flexible and reliable platform, well known in the industry for its performance excellence. Because of its easy-to-use format, test development professionals use it for item storage, item creation, editing, change tracking and even remote item writing, streamlining the entire test development process.

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