ID Management

From basic identification to full identity management, we offer solutions for varying protection and coverage requirements. At Prometric, the benefits of utilizing our ProIDTM and ID Management Solutions span from ease of use and faster check-in to full identity management and background verification – all developed to protect your exam from proxy testing while providing flexibility around data privacy requirements.

Our line-up includes the following:

  • Digital photos of test takers that are captured on the day of the test and securely stored with each test taker’s exam appointment record. By having one consolidated appointment record, testing organizations can more efficiently conduct simple validation and security investigations as needed during the testing event as well as for post-exam validation processes.
  • A basic biometric-enabled check-in process that is the fastest and easiest biometrics option for test takers. All that test takers have to do is: (1) provide valid photo IDs for visual, manual checks; and (2) quickly scan their fingertips for enrollment using state-of-the art electronic fingerprint readers.
  • A sophisticated, electronic scan of a test taker’s personal identification data (such as a passport or other authorized ID) to verify its validity and expiration date – coupled with a biometric fingertip scan and digital photo. As with our other ID Management Solutions options, all captured data become a part of the test taker’s exam appointment record. And in addition to fingertip patterns being matched against millions of other fingerprints in our database, the personal identification data are matched as well.

This ability to match multiple data points provides testing organizations with an unparalleled ID management program to verify and validate test takers’ identities each and every time they return for future biometric-enabled exams at Prometric test centers. Testing organizations also have the option to request high resolution fingerprints that can be transmitted directly to the FBI or other authorized groups for any number of background checks required by your testing program or state jurisdiction.

ID management of any kind takes only minutes to perform but greatly enhances the exam security process. Its use is designed to protect candidate privacy and improve the integrity and security of the testing process by creating a significant deterrent to proxy testing and protecting the value of credentialing programs.

What to Expect on Test Day Using Biometric-Enabled Check-in