Information About the SCFHS

From the 1st of August 2021: All test takers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, must have a Green status in their Tawakkalna Application to enter the test center

Exam Results will be posted in the SCFHS electronic portal within 7-10 working days. For SLE titles, the results will be posted within 2-6 weeks of the end of your current testing window. For practice exams, the score report will be shared with you to your registered email within 24 hours of completing the exam. 

SCFHS Testing Information - Learn more about the tests offered by Prometric by visiting the SCFHS Web site.

Now you can take your Practice Exams for the SLE titles through remote testing Channel (Proproctor). To book your remote exam click here. 

For Promotions Exams which are currently delivered remotely, through Proproctor, please click here. 

ATTENTION: Licensing Candidates, before proceeding with the booking process please check the 'SCFHS Minimum Qualification List' to ensure you select the correct category of exam tailored to your specialty and ability. The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) is a scientific body founded by virtue of the Royal Decree No.M/2 dated 06/02/1413H. (Corresponding to 05/08/1992G.), with headquarters located in Riyadh and six branches at Makkah AL Mukarramah area (Jeddah), the Eastern region (Al Khobar and Al Ahsaa), Assir area (Abha), Al Madinah Al Monowarah Area (Al Madinah Al Monowarah) and Al Qasim area (Buraidah). The SCFHS has helped to establish modern, state-of-the-art healthcare institutions and has succeeded in attracting a well-qualified, diversified spectrum of personnel. With these recognized and accredited facilities, the Saudi physician can pursue training in all different medical specialties. Cognizant of the importance of an independent Saudi body that can prepare and supervise training programs and assesses trainees, the SCFHS is tasked with formulating proper standards and criteria for practicing and developing the health professions. The commission aims at upgrading professional performance, developing skills that enrich scientific literature and properly apply knowledge in the various fields of health specialties. Some functions include approving and supervising professional health specialist programs; accrediting health institutions that provide training; supervising specialty exams and validating their results; certifying qualified professionals; encouraging health research and publication; holding conferences and symposia for the region's health community; and setting criteria for practicing health professionals.

IMPORTANT NOTICE Please be advised that Prometric does not sell test preparation or practice content in any form. Any website or training provider claiming to offer the official test content is unauthorized and not supported by Saudi Commission For Health Specialties or Prometric. If you come across any such website or training provider please contact our legal department so that we may take the appropriate legal actions

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New Zealand
Mon - Fri: 8:30 am-7:00 pm GMT +10:00
+86-10-82345674, +86-10-61957801 (fax)
Mon - Fri: 8:30 am-7:00 pm GMT +10:00
Mon - Fri: 9:00 am-5:30 pm GMT +05:30
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Korea +1566-0990
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