Test Administration

Continual technology investments help ensure greater flexibility, usability and security for testing and assessment programs of all kinds. Prometric’s test administration operations set the global industry standard when it comes to​ technology, test center administrators and security protocols. Over the past 20 years, we have continually invested in developing new technologies that make test administration more flexible, user-friendly and secure than ever before. Our proprietary and exclusive technology supports every aspect of efficient test delivery, from the way the test questions appear on a computer screen to the way our proctors monitor exams at the test center.

Our capable and reliable test delivery technology sustains many different item types and modes while providing the requisite technical support to our test center environments. Our test item type capabilities include incorporation of simple multiple choice items, situational judgment items, simulation items, case studies and models that include audio and video components.

Our technology systems also help us to provide consistent test experiences for test takers when they visit our centers. We utilize the same high-quality technology components and systems at every center and during every test administration to ensure all of our operations are of the highest and most consistent standards. From check-in systems, to our identity management systems and digital video recordings to biometrically recorded proctor walk-throughs, our processes are designed to ensure that test takers in any center have a similar experience.

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