Listeria Training Assessment (for FMI members)






Assess Workforce Preparedness and Knowledge

Prometric's 20-question assessment helps employers and trainers identify areas to provide and reinforce training—delivering a preventative approach to protect the public and safeguard businesses from the negative consequences caused by Listeria foodborne illnesses.

  • Reliable in identifying weaknesses and skill gaps in a workforce
  • Available through the internet for greater convenience
  • Affordably priced to support frequent use in a fast-changing industry
  • Suitable as a pre- and post-training tool
  • Useful for periodic evaluations and determining when to retrain staff

Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Any Training Program

The assessment helps demonstrate that any Listeria-focused food safety training is effective, and that that the workforce has the skills needed to keep the public safe—assessing knowledge in three main areas:

  • Product Handling - temperature, time and product flow
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing - food contact and noncontact surfaces, equipment
  • Employee Practices - public health impact, why food safety is so important