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Florida Nurse Aide Exam

The FL Department of Health/Board of Nursing and Prometric collaborate to ensure potential CNAs are able to test as quickly as possible. There are several steps that must be completed by the CNA candidates, training programs, Prometric staff, and DOH/Board staff before a candidate can be deemed eligible and scheduled to test, and we need to allow time for all of these steps to be completed in order to avoid potential issues with testing events.
  1. Candidates/Training Programs: Submit complete testing application with testing fees to be received by Prometric at least 50 days before the requested test date.
  2. Prometric: Process applications within 3 business days and forward information to the DOH/Board.
  3. Candidates: Complete a Level II background screening with image capture.
  4. Training Program: Complete the online IFT request form (located under Training Programs and Test Centers) and submit to Prometric to request a test date that is at least 45 days out in the future.
  5. State-approved Training Programs: Send a school list to the Board office identifying all students who have successfully completed training.
  6. Board Staff: Review all submitted materials to determine candidate eligibility to test and notify Prometric of approval. (This step can take up to 30 days.)
  7. Prometric: Schedule candidates into requested test date upon receipt of eligibility from the Board. (Eligibility approval must be received from the Board at least 5 business days prior to the event or a change in test date may be required.)

Thank you in advance for your adherence to the process and associated timelines detailed above.


Important Changes

  • As of August 7th, 2019, both the online and paper applications for the FLCNA exam have been updated. Any outdated applications received will be marked as incomplete until the new application is submitted. Remember to always check the website for up-to-date versions of all documentation.
  • As of March 24, 2019, Prometric will only transmit completed applications to the FLDOH for processing. What does this mean? Currently, Prometric transmits all applications (whether they are complete or not) to the FLDOH. As of March 23, if candidate applications are incomplete for any reason (including payment), candidate applications will not move forward in the process. Candidates should make sure that applications are complete upon submission to Prometric. You will receive a status e-mail showing your application as complete in Prometric’s system. At that time, the application has been transmitted to the DOH. Prior to receiving that e-mail, candidates should contact Prometric with any questions or concerns regarding their application at 888.277.3500.
  • If any changes need to be made after an application is complete (i.e. name change or correction, SSN change, address change, change to a health history answer, etc.), the candidate will need to contact the FLDOH, not Prometric, in order to have those items updated. FLDOH will then update Prometric’s records to ensure that our systems are in sync. Candidates should e-mail the FLDOH at a at or call 850.245.4125.

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Questions that were not answered in the documents and information above can be emailed to In order for your question to be answered in an accurate and timely manner, your email should include your name, address, date of birth and Prometric ID (if known).

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