Please go to the Candidate Resource section on your state’s main page to find the on-line application link or download the paper application if applicable.

If your state has an online application (preferred), there will be a link on your state's page. For many candidates, using the online application is the easiest, fastest option. You need a credit card (not currently an option for NY candidates) for payment to complete the submission process online.

1.      Print out the copy of your completed (and submitted) online application;

2.      Sign the document and gather up any required documentation and payment;

To request testing accommodations, please go to your state's webpage and print out the Nurse Aide Accommodations Request Packet. This packet needs to be filled out completely and sent in with your testing application and payment. Common accommodations include extra time, separate room, a reader and can take up to 30 days to schedule. Please be aware that not all requests for accommodations can be supported due to the physical demands of the clinical skills exam and the nurse aide occupation.

Note: In most states, an oral/audio version of the exam, with pre-recorded test questions, is available to all candidates. If you wish to take the oral exam, you do not need to apply for accommodations and can be scheduled immediately into an available appointment at your preferred testing center.

In most states the exam(s) are given on our Internet Based Testing System, however the test still need to be administered in a secured proctored testing site.  The exams are only given at Prometric approved test centers.  Please go to to locate the Bulletin of information for your state and a list of approved testing locations.

Written Exam = 90 minutes

Clinical Exam = 31-40 minutes depending on the skills assigned

Go to your state's web page and click in the link for Test Center List. You will need the test center's Site Code (located on the left) for your application. The website has the most up to date listing; however, test locations are subject to change. A test site may become unavailable after you have applied to test. In that case, Prometric will either schedule you in the next closest testing site or reach out to you and offer you other locations in your area.

Please be sure to check your states Bulletin of Information available at for additional fees associated with testing.



Written (Oral): $35

Clinical: $40


Written: $45

Written (Oral): $55

Clinical: $65


Written: $40

Written (Oral): $50

Clinical: $68


Written (English, Spanish and Oral): $35

Clinical (English Only): $105


Written: $50

Written (Oral): $60

Clinical: $150


Written: $29

Written (Oral): $39


Written: $40

Written (Oral): $50 

Clinical: $70


Michigan (as of 3/1/15)

Written: $30

Clinical: $85

New Mexico*

Written (English and Spanish): $38.85

Written (Oral)(English and Spanish): $49.35

Clinical: $66.15

*All fees include 5% NM state tax

New York

Written: $57

Written (Oral) $67

Clinical: $68


Written: $30 

Written (Oral) $30 

Clinical: $35 


Written: $55 

Written (Oral) $55 

Clinical: $120 





For the Clinical Skills exam, you are required to wear flat nonskid closed toe shoes. You may be required to play the role of the resident for another candidate. Keep this in mind when picking what to wear for the testing day. Scrubs are always a great option, but are not required.

You must present two valid pieces of identification (ID) before you may take an exam. The name on both identifications must exactly match the name you used to register for the exam and that is on your Admission Letter. Photocopies of either identification will not be accepted.

  1. The first piece of identification must be current (non-expired), contain both a current photo and your signature, and be:
    • A government-issued (e.g., driver’s license, state-issued identification card, alien registration card, military identification or passport); or
    • An official employment ID (if it has your photo and signature) from the facility where you are working and where you will be taking your examination; or
    • An official school ID (if it has your photo and signature) from the school where you are currently enrolled and where you will be taking your examination.
  2. The second piece of identification must be a signature ID. The name must match the name on your first piece of identification. Examples of acceptable signature IDs include:
    • Social Security card; or
    • Credit card (with signature on back); or
    • Library card (with signature on back); or
    • Gym card (with signature on back).

Prometric does not use any particular text book or study guide. Our exams are based on the federal requirements and curriculum and generally match up with commonly-used NA training text books.

We offer practice exams for both the written and clinical skills exam for a small fee. These practice exams are based on test, given in the internet based testing system you will use on test day, and can be taken by anyone at any time. To learn more about these exams go to

Licensure and certification type exams do not use the same grading scales used in schools, such as 70% or more correct equals a passing score. Your state reviewed our National Standard Setting Study and selected the passing standard for this test. To ensure fairness, Prometric uses this passing standard and other statistics to make sure every candidate gets an exam form with a similar difficulty level, even though different forms may require a different number of questions correct in order to pass. You should not compare your scores to other candidates' results as there are many different forms of the exam.

The examination you took consisted of 60 questions: 10 unscored questions and 50 scored questions. We do not include the 10 unscored questions on your score report as they are not included in your exam score.

Each state has different timelines based on the format of the exam and state regulations.  Below is a list of the maximum amount of days for each state.

AL, CT, DE, FL, HI, ID, MA, MI, NM, OK and VT - Score reports are printed the day of testing and given to candidates before they leave the test center.  Please note that all tests are scored a second time when exported into our candidate database.  On rare occasion the score given at the site could change upon the second scoring.

NY - Both Clinical and Written Exam Score Reports are emailed to candidates within 5 days of the exam day.

For exams that were taken on a computer results are available to see and print within 24 hours of the exam.  You will need to log into IBT using the correct link below:






Idaho (Written Only):



New Mexico:

New York:



  1. Log into:
  2. Click on secure sign in. 
  3. Enter Prometric ID as your username and password (this number is on ATT letter) or if you created your own user name and password at the time of testing use them to log back into your account
  4. In the Main Menu, click on the link that says Review Scores. 
  5. Click on the test date listed in the history box to view score report. 
  6. To see missed checkpoints missed test, click on the link in the score report that says Item Feedback.

For the states that Prometric mails the CNA certificate the times frames are:

For: CT, HI, ID, MA, MI, NM, NY, VT:  mailed 5 business days from test date

For States that Prometric manages the registry the time frame will be different based on the method of testing (Paper and Pencil or Internet based)

For: CT, DE, FL, HI, ID, MA, MI, NM, NY, VT - 48 business hours after the exam date.

Go to your state's webpage and print a copy of the Change Request Form. This form will walk you through the steps to make any changes to the personal information you have given us.

Each state has different requirements candidates must follow in order to become active again on the Nurse Aide Registry. Please go to and select your state. Please read the Candidate Information Bulletin for information on how to apply to reactivate your certification.

Each state has different requirements candidates must follow in order to transfer a certification. Please go to and select your state. Please read the Candidate Information Bulletin for information on how to transfer or apply for reciprocity.

Candidates are to arrive at the test center 30 minutes before scheduled test time.  We schedule the Written and Clinical exams 5 minutes apart so that all candidates are arriving at the test center within the same timeframe.  While most sites will begin the Written exam first, depending on the site set up the Clinical exam may be started first or at the same time as the Written Exam.  If candidates are not at the site by the post exam time on the Admission ticket they will be considered late for the test and turned away from testing.