Please follow the information contained in the email to reschedule your examination, including ways to self serve. Please note that for last-minute cancellations (less than 24 hours notice), it may take a few hours for the system to change your appointment from "active" to "inactive." 

If you receive an email from Prometric indicating that your exam appointment will be canceled, you may still be able to see your exam appointment after receiving the communication. For last-minute cancellations (less than 24 hours notice), it may take a few hours for the system to change your appointment from "active" to "inactive." You will receive a second email confirming the cancellation/letting you know your appointment is no longer active in the system.

Prometric will contact you in advance of your exam if your exam appointment is canceled.  If you have not been told that your exam appointment is canceled, it is still active.

To ensure test centers are able to adhere to proper social distancing where required, some of our test centers have re-opened with a reduced number of seats. To adhere to these policies, candidates may need to have their appointments canceled or rescheduled for another date and/or location.

Additionally, Prometric must occasionally close sites with limited notice due to unforeseen events, such as extreme weather, natural disaster, power outages, or other unexpected occurrences—forcing last-minute cancellations. Last-minute closures will be posted on our site closures list

Yes, Prometric occasionally has to close sites with limited notice due to unforeseen events, such as extreme weather, natural disaster, power outages, or other unexpected occurrences. Please click on our site closures list for a list of those test centers. If your exam is impacted, Prometric will notify you to cancel or reschedule your exam. 

If your exam payment was processed through Prometric, and we have to cancel your exam due to ongoing COVID-19 impacts or other unforeseen circumstances, you will receive a full refund—regardless of cancellation window. If your exam payment was processed through your exam sponsor, you will either receive a refund or an extension as determined by your test exam sponsor’s stated policies.

Prometric will send you a notice of your canceled exam appointment. In most cases, we will have rescheduled your exam to a new date, based on when we expect to resume normal testing. This notice will also include information on how you can make changes to this exam appointment utilizing our self-service function available on

For additional information and/or contact details for your testing program, please search for your test sponsor page here. Should you need support, please visit our Contact Us page to request assistance via email.

Test takers who have their exam appointments canceled or rescheduled as a result of continued site closures or regional restrictions will not be penalized in this circumstance and are entitled to one free reschedule for their exam. Additionally, test takers who are unable to test due to COVID-19 illness or impact should follow our standard escalation procedure by utilizing the Test Taker Contact Us form and choose "Request a Refund."

New exam appointments can be easily scheduled by clicking "Find my Exam" under the "Test Taker" tab on our website homepage, and searching for your exam's test sponsor page. Our self-service scheduling tools provide the same information and access to appointments as our contact centers, and is the best option to schedule an exam appointment during a time that is convenient for you.

If you require support in booking an exam appointment, you may contact one of global contact centers by clicking the Contact Us button.  However, please note that wait times may be significant as we support those test takers that have been impacted by cancellation or rescheduling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We strongly encourage you to click on the site closure page for up-to-date information on closures in your area. The dates for test center closures vary by geography and may change based on updated information. 

As of May 1, 2022, Prometric will no longer require candidates or test center personnel to wear masks unless required to do so by building management or local government mandates. In light of recent trends and mask mandate changes around the world, along with updated guidance from leading world health organizations, Prometric will not require masks to be worn in test centers, however we will continue to allow and encourage the wearing of masks regardless of mandate or vaccination status. Thus, any candidate or staff member that prefers to wear a mask will feel comfortable doing so. We will also always follow the guidance of local government and health officials, so when masks are mandated in a market, Prometric will continue to follow that guidance in test centers as well.

For our most up-to-date global modified test center procedures, please visit

As of July 1, 2023, only valid government issued IDs will be accepted, unless specified by your test sponsor.

Prometric is committed to providing a clean, safe, and secure testing environment for the millions of individuals that visit us each year. We have well documented procedures in place for the regular cleaning and sanitation of our testing locations.

Prometric continues to closely monitor guidelines from local governance, the CDC and WHO to make decisions that align to new learnings and to our continued safety efforts. For a complete listing of actions we are taking to maintain a safe testing environment, visit

A number of government guidelines and regional mandates are beginning to require candidates to present proof of vaccination at check-in in order to test. As of today, this only affects a small number of sites and candidates. However, we do understand that additional regions may take this step and there might be variations on what proof is required. Anyone testing in these centers should be prepared to present the documentation provided to you at the time of your vaccination, in whatever form your medical provider issued.