Advanced Security Protection

Security protection is an undercurrent that runs through every part of our business. All of our technology features multiple layers of encryption and protection so clients can rest assured that their intellectual property is never at risk of theft while it is on our systems. We operate a state-of-the-art data center at our headquarters facility in Baltimore, with secure back-ups at off-site locations, where all exam content is securely stored and protected.

In our global test center network, security is of equal importance. Test center procedures, from checking test taker IDs and locker storage, to launching exams at computer workstations and test center administrators walking through the testing room, are strictly managed to enforce the highest standards of security. It is our goal that every test taker, anywhere in the world, has a similar and fair experience, and this requires that our security standards be rigid, that our processes and procedures be well documented and standardized and that our staff be certified and professionally trained.

We also offer a full suite of identity management solutions to validate and verify the identities of your exam candidates. This helps to enforce security on a test taker level, and can help to guarantee the legitimacy of those taking the exams.