Here are the basic steps to get you ready for your Vermont Insurance Exam. 

1. Create or Login to Your Profile

ATTENTION: Please ensure when creating your profile that you provide Prometric with the correct DOB and SSN. If you fail to provide accurate information, this will result in you being unable to apply for your license after you have passed your examination(s). Should a demographic update be required after you have scheduled or taken your exam please contact Prometric directly for handling.

2. Schedule Your Test

To schedule exam at a Test Center location

  • Create or login to your profile as outlined in Step 1
  • Click on “Register” next to the exam that you would like to take
  • Select which pre-licensing school/education provider you used when preparing for your exam from the provided drop down list
    • If you did not utilize a pre-licensing school/education provider when preparing for your exam please select “Not Applicable” from the drop down list
    • If your pre-licensing school/education provider is not listed please select “Other” from the drop down list
  • Once the above has been completed, your exam will now be listed under the “Ready to Schedule” section of the page

A. To schedule exam at a Test Center location

Select "Schedule Test Center" to proceed with next steps

B. To Schedule a Remotely Proctored Exam

Select "Schedule Remotely Proctor" to proceed with next steps


3. Review the Test Content Outlines

Prepare for your upcoming test by carefully reading the Test Content Outlines which have been prepared to help you successfully pass the test.

Series Title
14-25 Producer's Life
14-27 Producer's Accident, Health and HMO
14-29 Producer's Life, Accident, Health and HMO
14-31 Producer's Property and Casualty
14-33 Adjuster's Property and Casualty
14-34 Adjuster's Workers Compensation
Series Title
14-35 Producer's Bail Bond
14-37 Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser
14-38 Agent's Title
14-39 Producer's Personal Lines
14-41 Producer's Property
14-42 Producer's Casualty

4. Download the License Information Bulletin 

Please download the License Information Bulletin to find more information regarding fees, scheduling policies, scoring information and FAQs.