Information About OMSB


Quality Healthcare through Quality Medical Education and Research.


To set high standards for post-graduate medical education of healthcare professionals, that will continuously improve the standards and the quality of healthcare in Oman.

The Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) was established by the Royal Decree No. 31/2006 issued in April 2, 2006.  The OMSB is an independent body located in Muscat and may practice its functions in other premises. The OMSB is tasked with formulating proper standards and criteria for practicing and developing the health professions. The Board aims at upgrading professional performance, developing skills that enrich scientific literature, and properly apply knowledge in the various fields of health specialties. The functions of OMSB include but are not limited to:

  1. Set up and supervise postgraduate medical specialty programs as well as set up continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs in health specialties in the framework of general policy of Education.
  2. Coordinate with other professional health boards, organizations, associations, and colleges within and outside the Sultanate.
  3. Issue professional certificates such as diplomas, fellowship and memberships.
  4. Evaluation and Equivalency of Professional certificates.

Please note:

Score report will be given only once right after the exam and lose or misuse is the sole responsibility of the candidate. There will be no possibility of re-issuing another score report. However, the candidate may request for a certification letter not more than a one (1) month from the day of the exam and a fee will be applied.


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