Exam Eligibility

To be eligible to sit the examination, you must have approval and an eligibility number provided by NCPP.  


Before you Schedule

Please review the CPP Handbook and Study Guidelines at this link before you schedule your exam. If you have questions, please reach out to NCPP at www.thencpp.org/cppregistration.


Exam Scheduling

Candidates will take the examination via ProProctor™, Prometric’s online AI proctoring system. Candidates do not need to pay a fee to Prometric when scheduling an examination.

Use the link below or on the left-hand side to schedule.

You will need your NCPP eligibility ID to schedule your appointment.



Confirmation Email and Confirmation Number

After you have scheduled, you will receive an email scheduling confirmation with your 16-digit confirmation number. You will need this confirmation number to launch your test on exam day. 

After you have scheduled, you may obtain a copy of your scheduling confirmation at any time before your exam appointment. You will need your 16-digit scheduling confirmation number. Click Confirm below or on the left on this page. Enter your scheduling confirmation number and the first 4 characters of your last name when prompted. 



Prepare for your remote exam

  • Review your appointment confirmation email to confirm your appointment time.
  • Check your computer meets the technical requirements: click here
    • Your computer also must support resolution of 1920x1080. Please note that the system check does not check this technical requirement so this must be done manually.
  • Ensure you have a clear, orderly, and well-lit room or workspace ready.
  • Remove any materials that may assist you in the exam.
  • Make sure you know what to expect when your exam appointment starts by reading the ProProctor User Guide.
  • Please Review the FAQ for ProProctor Testing:  ProProctor Candidate Information | Prometric
  • Log into ProProctor for your exam at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment time. If you are late in arriving, you will not be allowed to test and will forfeit your exam fee.
  • Tablets, Chromebooks, Corporate/University machines and company-provided machines are not compatible with online proctoring.
  • Your exam session will be monitored by AI proctoring and is subject to NCPP review.  Candidates must comply with all examination rules. Suspected candidate misconduct will be reported to NCPP for review and action.
  • For specific NCPP policies, please consult the CPP Handbook and Study Guidelines at this link.



Identification requirements

You must bring your current, valid (not expired) photo identification with signature to your scheduled testing appointment. 

Acceptable forms of identification:

  • State-issued driver’s licenses
  • Government-issued passports and identification cards. 

Unacceptable forms of identification:

  • Gym memberships
  • Warehouse memberships
  • School identification cards
  • Credit cards
  • Identification with signature only (no photo). 

Your name on the photo identification must match EXACTLY the name you used to schedule your appointment. If there is a discrepancy, you must notify NCPP at www.thencpp.org/cppregistration at least 14 days before the examination. Failure to bring proper valid identification and/or a mismatch on your name as it appears on the proper valid documentation can result in your inability to sit for the examination.


Testing accommodations

If you require testing accommodations for extended time, you cannot schedule your test online. If you applied for testing accommodations and have received written NCPP approval for accommodations, please visit https://www.prometric.com/contact-us to request scheduling. If you have not received written approval for a test accommodation, please contact NCPP at www.thencpp.org/cppregistration.



Cancel Policy

In fairness to all candidates booking appointments, if you need to cancel your exam, you must cancel your exam using the Cancel link below or on the left of this page at least 5 days before your appointment date. There is a $35 fee (paid to Prometric) for cancelling an appointment 5 to 29 days before your appointment date. There is no charge for cancelling more than 29 days before your appointment date. 


Note that all exam schedule cancellations must be made directly with Prometric.  A voice mail message is not an acceptable form of requesting an appointment be cancelled.

This is a one-day examination window. Appointments cannot be rescheduled.


Need More Information?

Be sure to review the CPP Handbook and Study Guidelines at this link for exam policies and more information.