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What’s NCAS?

NCAS is the Nursing Community Assessment Service. NCAS provides a three-part competency assessment for internationally-educated health practitioners (IEPs) - including health care assistants, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and psychiatric nurses – who hope to practice in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Regulators use our assessment service to help determine:

  • if an internationally educated candidate has competencies that are substantially equivalent to a BC entry-level practitioner in that role;
  • any competence gaps that require supplementary education or training;
  • an alternate profession/role for which the applicant has demonstrated requisite competencies.

Learn more about NCAS here: www.ncasbc.ca.

What’s the NCAS advantage?

NCAS is the only competency assessment service that allows an applicant to have their skills and competencies assessed for two different health care roles or professions at once. Thus, a registered nurse can be assessed for competency as a licensed practical nurse, and a licensed practical nurse can be assessed for competency as a healthcare assistant.

The advantage of this approach is that applicants who may not be able to demonstrate all the requisite competencies to enter the workforce in the role they prefer, might be able to work as a different kind of health care worker if they can demonstrate the competencies for that other role. That means that IEPs can enter the workforce faster, and simultaneously pursue the upgrading or education required to gain competencies for their preferred role. 

Learn more about signing up for a dual-track assessment here:  www.ncasbc.ca/

What’s the CBA?

The CBA is one of three of the NCAS assessments. It’s a three-hour, proctored, computer-based assessment. You can take the assessment at one of more than a hundred testing centres in 60 countries in the world by clicking on the scheduling buttons on this site.

The CBA seeks to assess your knowledge of the skills and competencies required to enter practice in the health practitioner role you desire. 

The assessment is made up of gradually unfolding cases that take you through the step-by-step process of clinical thinking and decision making. There is no pass or fail.  Rather, the assessment is aimed at identifying strengths and gaps.  Your results will not be sent to you until you have completed the Simulation Lab Assessment.

To schedule a CBA, you must have received a confirmation email from NCAS.  Please contact info@ncasbc.ca if you have not yet received your confirmation email.

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