Welcome! Arriving at this page means you’re well on your way to scheduling an exam. There are now two ways to schedule your appointment:

With your completed MECP exam registration, you should have received a confirmation email for your registration along with Eligibility ID information. You will need this information to proceed. Email if you have not received your Eligibility ID email – be sure to check your SPAM or Junk folders.

If you have not already registered for your MECP exam and obtained an Eligibility ID number, you must first do so at the MECP Registration Portal. Once your registration application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with your Eligibility ID number that allows you to schedule your testing appointment.

Option 1: Schedule a remotely proctored exam appointment

Before selecting a remotely proctored exam, please perform the ProProctor system check to confirm your computer’s compatibility.

Other requirements for taking a remotely proctored exam are included in the ProProctor User Guide.

*If you are taking a remotely proctored exam, please note that ONLY the Basic Installation Technician Exam can be taken on MacOS computers. All other exams require a Windows computer with Google Chrome installed.

Option 2: Schedule a test center exam appointment

To better understand Prometric’s physical distancing policies, click here.


If you must reschedule your exam appointment, please do so as soon as possible.

If you would like to reschedule your test center appointment to a remotely proctored exam, click here.

Personal Hardship guidelines: The following events must have occurred less than 5 days before your scheduled appointment. Please submit any hardship requests and documentation to

Illness: Doctor’s note, emergency room admittance, etc.

  • Must be signed by a licensed doctor
  • Must include the date of medical visit
  • Must include contact information for the licensed doctor
  • Does not need to give details of the illness or emergency, but if it does not, the doctor should at least indicate that the candidate should not test

Death of an immediate family member: Death certificate, obituary or verification from funeral home.

  • Must include date of death and deceased name and relationship to the deceased

Please note: immediate family member is defined as spouse, child/dependent, parent, grandparent or sibling.

Traffic Accidents: Police report, receipt from the mechanic or towing company.

  • Must include the date
  • Must include contact information

Court Appearance: Court or jury summons, subpoena.

  • Must include date
  • Must specifically name the candidate

Call to Active Military Duty

  • Military documentation MUST be provided

If you need more information about registration or hardship requests for an MECP exam, please contact MECP Customer Service at 866-858-1555 or email