IMPORTANT NOTICE “Effective 1st October 2019, the exam will reflect the GSAS 2019 version”

About Gulf Organisation for Research & Development

Gulf Organisation for Research & Development - not for profit subsidiary of QATARI DIAR Real Estate Investment Company) - is a fully governmental Organisation located at the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP); whose purpose is to promote healthy, energy & resource efficient, and environmentally responsible building practices in Qatar and the entire Gulf region.

GORD aims to build and strengthen a strong and vibrant local, regional and global consortium and network of respected research institutions, consulting and technology companies, real estate and construction companies, governmental and professional organizations that have genuine interest and commitment to support the strategic objectives of the Organization to address the environmental challenges and empower the construction society to apply sustainable applications and practices.

Our vision is for Qatar to be a leader in the field of sustainable development, design and construction, and for the Gulf Organisation for R&D to be one of the driving forces behind this transformation.

GORD, the authority for knowledge on sustainability in the MENA region, has announced the launch of the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) as the standard for excellence on sustainability in the MENA region. Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) formerly known as Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS) is the most comprehensive sustainability rating system for the built environment in the world. The all-inclusive offerings of the system supports in assessing all types of developments starting from macro level such as master plans for cities to micro level such as single buildings. GSAS aims to promote sustainable practices within the framework of a globalized society.

GORD has developed four centres of excellence: GSAS Trust, GORD Academy, GORD Institute, and GORD Consult. The four centres of excellence aim to support the GORD’s mission to create a sustainable, smart and healthy environment for living.

The centres of excellence are:

  • GSAS Trust

    The centre is responsible for the development of sustainable building standards, and certifications for developments during the design, construction, operation phases, and all other future certification schemes.

  • GORD Academy

    The centre is responsible for offering memberships, training and development programs, which are designed to meet the educational needs of the professionals and practitioners working in the construction industry.

  • GORD Institute

    The centre runs scientific research programs in partnerships with local and international organisations, from both academic and applied research perspectives. The aim is to advance knowledge and investigate new approaches to enhance the sustainable built environment.

  • GORD Consult

    GORD Consult provides comprehensive support and consulting services in issues related to designing innovative sustainable developments that successfully meet developers, operators and regulatory needs.