Prometric can email admission to test letters to candidates.  

With this technology, you will experience quicker notification of your testing event dates, time and location.

Please remember to include your email address on your application when you submit it for registration. 

In line with our evolving business needs Prometric will not continue to offer GenCat testing as of August 31, 2021 and registration has been closed. Please refer to your city sponsor for alternative testing mediums, questions, or concerns.


Prometric will no longer be referring candidates to Builder’s Book Depot or any specific vendor to purchase reference materials for our Construction Catalog exams. Please refer to the Bulletin of Information here for your exam to determine the materials you need.

Please contact the city or county in which you wish to work to find out which exam you must take, and to obtain approval to take it.

Exam References

Each exam content outline lists the references that were used to develop the exam in accordance with the requirements of local jurisdictions. With the exception of the Code books, you can use newer editions of references as they become available at your own discretion. Note, newer editions may or may not contain applicable information to the content on the exam. You assume the risk of using a more current reference than that listed in the outline. In regards to Code books, only the edition of the Code book listed in the exam content outline will be allowed into the test site.

Publications for city/county construction candidates

References, manuals or study guides for the Prometric Florida construction exams may be obtained from the following organizations, as well as from other construction book sellers (presented in alphabetical order):

Prometric does not endorse any training, exam preparation, or educational institution.

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