PM² is a Project Management Methodology developed and supported by the European Commission. Its purpose is to enable project teams to manage their projects effectively and deliver solutions and benefits to their organisations and stakeholders.

PM² is a light and easy to implement methodology suitable for any type of project. PM2 has been custom developed to fit the specific needs, culture and constraints of EU Institutions, but also incorporates elements from globally accepted best practices, standards and methodologies.

PM2 is fully supported by the Centre of Excellence in PM² ( CoEPM2 team) through a comprehensive Training & Certification Programme, workshops, coaching sessions, online resources and an active Community of Practice.

Agile@EC extends the PM2 offering and addresses the needs of project teams that wish to adopt a more Agile planning and delivery approach in their projects or everyday work.

PM² Certification Program

The European Commission offers a complete training programme in the PM² Project Management Methodology, which provides current and future project managers and project team members with a solid theoretical foundation and guidelines on the practical application of project management processes, tools and techniques.

The programme exposes participants to areas of high interest and value and balances theoretical concepts, applied exercises and workshops using real project cases. Participants are able to choose courses out of multiple training paths and achieve a solid understanding of the project management processes, tools and techniques necessary for managing projects effectively.

The CoEPM² currently offers three PM² Certifications:

  • PM² Certified (available via prometric)
  • Agile PM² Certified (available via prometric)
  • PM² Practitioner

For further information, you can visit the PM² wiki and the Agile PM² wiki.

CoEPM2 Computer Based Exams Manual

Computer Based Testing – Instructions to Candidates