Information About CBIC & the CIC, a-IPC and Long-Term Care Examinations

What is CBIC? The Certification Board of Infection Control & Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC®) is a voluntary, autonomous, multidisciplinary board that provides direction for and administers the certification process for professionals in infection control and applied epidemiology. CBIC is independent and separate from any other infection control-related organization or association, but does collaborate with three partner organizations (APIC, IPAC, and IFIC) to help promote the importance of being certified in infection prevention and control (CIC®). CBIC also develops the a-IPC and Long- Term Care examinations. 


Scheduling your Exam

  1. How to schedule your exam at a Prometric Test Center

Schedule your exam at Prometric Test Center

Reschedule your exam at Prometric Test Center


  1. How to schedule a ProProctorTM (Remotely Proctored) Exam

Schedule your ProProctor (remotely proctored) exam

Reschedule your ProProctor (remotely proctored) exam

Online, remote exams are offered using Prometric’s ProProctor online proctoring. You will be able to take the exam remotely online while a Prometric proctor is overseeing the examination process remotely.

To learn more about remote proctoring, please review our ProProctor User Guide.

To confirm that your computer and network will allow testing through ProProctor™ go to our website and perform the required system check


Testing Tips

  • The first and last name on the identification you bring with you to the Prometric testing center or show during check-in at for your Pro Proctor appointment must match the information you provided on your application. If you applied using a different name, please contact CBIC at        at least five business days prior to your testing date for all CBIC examinations.
  • A score report is generated upon completion of the initial certification examination and will be emailed to examinees by Prometric within one hour. A pass/fail indicator is generated immediately for the recertification examination.
  • Google Chrome is the required web browser for your ProProctor web application exam to run.
  • Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the recommended web browsers when taking the recertification examination. CBIC does not recommend using Internet Explorer.
  • Mac Ventura User Please note:

    • The recent MacOS Ventura update disables critical security protocols in ProProctor.

    • We will not support Ventura until we have resolved these security issues - timeline is TBD until we understand full scope of security gaps.

    • We have updated the system requirements in the User Guide and on to ensure candidates are aware that Ventura is not currently supported

    • Help Desk has been trained to support impacted candidates.”

Contact Info:

Prometric Contact Information: If you have any issues with or questions about scheduling your appointment online, please contact Prometric’s Registration department at (800) 278-6222.

CBIC Contact Information: If you need to speak with a member of the CBIC team, please contact CBIC directly at (202) 454-2625 or by emailing


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