Administration of the Bilingual Interpreting Examination (BIE)—Registration is Closed.

Registration is now closed for the 2022 administration of the BIE. The BIE will not be administered again until 2023. Interested candidates are encouraged to check the Prometric web page for the latest updates.


**Candidates who do not receive their examination scores within two months of the examination date, should contact Prometric Candidate Care to inquire about the status of their examination scores.*All candidates must take and pass the Written Examination prior to registering for the BIE. Due to the 2020 suspension of the administration of the Written Examination as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Court Interpreters Program temporarily extended the validation period for Written Examination test scores from four (4) years to six (6) years effective 2021. Candidates who have passing Written Examination scores within six (6) years of 2021 are now eligible to take the BIE in their target language when it is available. Candidates who took the BIE four (4) times and did not pass are still required to retake the Written Examination.