Prometric invites you to experience the scheduling and test delivery process that AWS candidates will go through when they come to a Prometric test center.

“Prometric Test Drive” provides a 30-minute "dry–run" of the test center experience which allows you to walk through, on a practice basis, all check-in and testing procedures that occur at the test center on test day. The full Test Drive experience includes check-in, ID confirmation, seating, tutorial, a generic sample test, a survey of the experience, an end-of-test report and check-out. Once checked in, you'll be exposed to the full testing experience described above, in addition to the use of lockers, testing at a computer for 15 minutes and exposure to Test Center Administrators (proctors) walk-throughs, which occur during any actual test. While Test Drive will not represent the content of an AWS exam, it will allow you to experience samples of question types that candidates might encounter on the actual exam in the future. Additionally, by driving to the testing center in advance, you can familiarize yourself with the parking situation, the location of the testing suite and the time it takes to drive to the center from your location.

Individuals interested in scheduling a Test Drive appointment can do so in the same manner in which candidates will schedule an actual exam. Schedule your test drive now by clicking “schedule my test” above. Then, simply follow the on-screen steps which will walk you through the scheduling process. Once you have completed your Test Drive, be sure to give AWS your feedback via the online survey.