How Can We Determine The Value Of Certification? (What Is Certification Really Worth?)

New "Renaissance" in IT Certifications:

Good News for Companies, Employees, Efficiency and Revenues

Across the board, all signs point to IT certifications experiencing a strong comeback, thanks to multiple factors placing greater importance on validation of skills. Companies hiring certified IT professionals benefit by having a third-party validated knowledge base, leading to a better industry reputation, higher-quality work and, ultimately, more customers. This article explores testing methods, benefits and how the renewed focus on IT security is affecting the process. Read more >>

Addressing the Top 10 Myths About IT Certification:

A Counterpoint Position to Misinterpretation

No industry or subject is safe from skepticism or the proliferation of myths… supernatural, acupuncture, physical therapy and (in this case) IT certification. An article was recently published about "The Top Ten Problems with IT Certifications". At Prometric, we view such arguments as myths to be debunked rather than legitimate problems per se. As a counterpoint position to the article, this piece addresses its top ten "myths" about IT certification. Read more >>

Professional Enhancement:

Understanding the Benefits of Industry Certification

Implemented properly, certifications give state and local organizations – and professionals and consumers – an assurance of competency in the constantly changing world of business. However, associations that decide to implement an optional certification program should consider several big-picture issues from the beginning. These items will communicate to potential test-takers what they can expect from the testing process and inform them of the program's potential value, providing motivation and structure to the benefit of all involved. Read more >>

Pre-Employment Testing:

Meeting Public-Sector Personnel Challenges

The public sector faces unique personnel issues. Decreasing retention rates, budget constraints, and the need for increased scrutiny can make the hiring process seem daunting. Adding to the potential hurdles, "wrong" choices can increase turnover and jeopardize deliverables, which can cause a chain reaction of further security and budget difficulties. One solution in particular is showing increasing use – and successful results – in the public sector: pre-employment testing. This article quantifies the benefits for organizations that invest in certification and psychometric testing of candidates. Read more >>

Candidate Education and Outreach:

Strategies for Driving Volume

Recent Prometric articles have touched on the comparative merits of two testing methods - (Computer-Based Testing versus Paper and Pencil Exams) - and why the choice matters to association executives who are developing certification programs. Once this decision has been made, the next challenge facing licensing organizations is how to keep test volumes up and candidate uncertainty down. Read more >>

IT Certification Experiences a Renaissance – Here's Why

After several years of declining certification volumes, information technology exam programs are staging a comeback. The reasons for this range from an increase in Internet-based delivery and enhanced focus on IT security to professionals' desire to distinguish themselves and the desire to land a better job. How does Internet-based delivery help, and how are security issues overcome? Read more  >>

Boomer Retirement:

Finding Certified, Qualified Replacements is the Real Challenge

Born in the years following World War II, "boomers" are now supposedly on the brink of mass retirement. However, the business world needs to worry less about the boomers who are leaving and more about the arrival of the "millennials." Unless your organization utilizes some obscure legacy system on the back end, filling a technical position with a certified professional can actually be considered an "upgrade." This is because many boomers in technical positions have allowed their certifications to lapse or relied solely on their experience to get the job done. What to focus on: Read more >>

VA's Innovative Campaign Addresses

Key Role of Nursing Certification

A recent report by leading nursing workforce analyst Peter Buerhaus indicates there could be as many as 500,000 vacant nursing positions in the U.S. by 2025. The VA's Let's Get Certified! campaign represents an encouraging "relief" model for the nursing profession in that it breaks down historic barriers when it comes to completing specialized certification exams. The result: a more robust, knowledgeable and satisfied workforce and a higher level of care for patients. Read more >>

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