New solution expands Prometric’s suite of end-to-end test delivery options designed to meet the needs of the future

Baltimore, MD – (November 15, 2022) – Prometric, a global leader of technology-enabled assessment solutions, has introduced a new innovative remote assessment solution powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), further expanding the company’s testing options for candidates and credentialing organizations. This new remote testing solution will be fully powered by AI, providing three customized tiers that align to the unique needs of global testing organizations – a fully automated AI proctored remote assessment with ProProctor AI, AI proctoring plus live professional review with ProProctor AI+, in addition to a live proctored experience, augmented by AI, with ProProctor Live.  

While remote testing is certainly not new to Prometric, we continue to invest in and evolve our technology to meet changing market trends and respond to the need for more advanced remote offerings, which has continued to accelerate during the pandemic,” said Kevin Pawsey, General Manager of Remote Assessments at Prometric. “As AI continues to evolve to create a highly secure remote testing experiences, I am thrilled to announce that this new offering will be added to our existing suite of remote solutions, offering greater flexibility for our candidates and clients to test anytime, anywhere.”

Prometric’s new remote assessment solution, powered by advanced AI, incorporates state-of-the-art technology to meet the demand for remote assessments, while leading the industry forward into a new hybrid and inclusive environment. The AI platform uses advanced technology to ensure a consistent experience for testing candidates while protecting the integrity and security of the exam. The system constantly scans for potential behavioral anomalies that are then reviewed by trained proctors following the exam to create a multi-modal level of security and a fair, equitable experience for candidates. Together, the platform better protects exam integrity, detects misconduct, and ensures the highest level of security, ultimately providing better value for clients and a convenient, fair testing environment.

“The demand for remote exams and flexible testing options is not going away. More than 50% of our current clients want to continue a remote assessment option to better meet the needs of candidates,” said Nikki Eatchel, Chief Assessment Officer at Prometric. “Hybrid delivery of assessments – including both remote and in-center testing options – are key to providing the flexibility and accessibility test takers need to test where they want, when they want. This is the future of testing, and Prometric will continue to invest in products and services to support flexible, secure, and fair testing.”

This new remote solution expands the company’s portfolio of remote testing solutions and will be offered through ProProctor™, Prometric’s remote assessment platform that has been in the market for years and was previously recognized as a finalist by the EdTech Cool Tool Awards. It is part of Prometric’s continued investment in AI technology as earlier this year, Prometric acquired Finetune, a leading innovative in AI-assisted assessment and learning technology, which allows Prometric to rapidly speed up the test development process through rapid courseware changes. With this option, Prometric is now a full end-to-end assessment delivery provider, offering hybrid, in-center, and remote offerings with ability to customize with AI-only or AI and live agent capabilities.

The AI-powered remote solution is available now. To learn more about this offering, join Prometric for a live masterclass session on “Paving the Future with Multi-Modality Delivery and AI” on November 16, 2022, at 11:00 AM ET. Register for the free event here


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