Testing Accommodations enable all test takers, to test on a level playing field by providing them with some type of aide during their testing experience as appropriate.

Testing Accommodations can include a sign language interpreter, additional testing time, or a reader and/ or recorder for candidates with sight impairments. They may also include permission to bring special items into the testing room for medical purposes (i.e. food, drink, medication, devices that make sounds, etc.). Requests for Testing Accommodations must be reasonable, approved (based upon appropriate documentation) and scheduled prior to a test taker appearing for an examination.

Please take note that not all Accommodations listed on this webpage are available for all exams.

Accommodations requests are approved by the test sponsors, or their designee as outlined by your exam information.



Trackball Mouse

Large, finger-operated trackball for superior control and reduced hand and wrist movement.

Screen Magnifier

Magnifying filters help reduce eyestrain and fatigue. Magnifies screen images more than 2x for easy viewing.

Touchpad Mouse

Touchpads are small squares that sense the position of the finger on them, and then move the cursor accordingly. Touchpads are stationary and require little force to use, and as a result they may help reduce stress on fingers, hands, arms and shoulders.

Intellikey's Keyboard

Containing several different keypad layouts, these keyboards provide access for anyone with physical, visual, or cognitive disabilities who has difficulty using a standard keyboard.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Keyboard designed with ergonomic considerations to minimize muscle strain and a host of related problems.

Noise Buster Headset

Cancels out stress-inducing background noise.

Satellite Speakers

Small bookshelf speakers that amplify sound- must be scheduled in a separate room.

Anti-Glare Screen

Plastic screen fits over the computer monitor and reduces sun/light glare.

Left-handed Mouse

Allows left-handed candidates to test with comfort.

Adjustable Height Table

Table adjusts up and down to assist in accommodating candidates for various needs, including wheelchair accessibility. Found in a separate room of select sites.


Proctors use to keep candidate exam time.

Bed Trays

Keyboard elevation.

Headmaster Mouse

Used for candidates with limited or no hand mobility.

Special Chair (Max 500lbs)

Chair with arms-max 500lbs.

Sign Language Interpreter

Signs directions and/or exam content.


Translates exam from one language to another verbally.


Personnel that read aloud to the candidate.


Personnel sits with candidate and enters exam answers on candidate’s behalf. Requires separate room.


Oversees examinee testing; keeps time.

Separate Room

Private testing room (Not soundproof)

Zoomtext Software (AP&C and State based exams)

Magnifies font 1x – 36x in whole unit increments (1x, 2x, 3x, etc.)

Multi-Day Exams Exam taken over multiple days.
Paper Pencil Exams Paper version of a computerized test
Additional Time Additional exam time
Time and a Half Total testing time divided by 2 + total testing time
Double Time Total testing time, multiplied by 2.
Word to Word Translation Dictionary A book of English words, translated into other languages. Does not include definitions of words.
JAWS Screen reading software with text to speech output.
Dragon Speech recognition software allows user to speak commands while it types response.
27-inch Flat Screen Monitor Monitor with higher resolution.
Nursing Persons Curtains or pop-up tents for privacy during nursing or pumping can be provided.
Other We can also accommodate other reasonable requests not already listed