Having come to the assessment industry almost four years ago from a conversational AI company, I had the privilege of early exposure to the types of technology being adopted in our industry today.  

At this year’s 2024 Association of Test Publishers Conference (ATP), there were perhaps three times as many sessions focused on AI than last year, with many highlighting great success stories. However, in some of the discussions, we heard fear- and risk-focused lines of thinking and AI being talked about in generalities vs. reality. As we continue to understand what AI means for testing and assessment, it’s important to know all AI platforms, much like technology platforms, are NOT alike. While AI represents a tremendous ethical responsibility, demands evaluation of risk, and requires a series of choices, fear of it won’t serve any of us well. 

Generative AI and the Opportunity

Generative AI, in particular, represents a significant opportunity for the assessment industry—and not only because of the obvious benefits of creating more content in a shorter amount of time.

The Importance of Building Skills in AI

A piece of this conversation that I don’t hear many people talking about is the unseen benefit for the working professionals who actually learn to use this technology within organizations. In previous roles, I saw contact center agents' lives change as they learned how to leverage AI technology to create efficiency, opening up opportunities to learn new skills to make themselves more marketable.  

This same opportunity now presents itself to assessment professionals, including subject matter experts (SMEs) and leaders of certification programs using AI products like Finetune. These experts are innovating, pushing boundaries, and creating a new landscape for their roles. They’re doing deeper work because they are getting comfortable with AI — a force that can and will change how we live in this world. 

About the Author

Sara Levinson is Vice President of Business Development at Prometric. She joined Prometric in 2020 after holding previous strategic account roles at LivePerson and Clicktale (acquired by ContentSquare), where she launched transformational technology initiatives with many of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Gap Inc, Disney, Symantec, and many more. Sara is a frequent presenter, moderator, and podcast guest in both the high-tech and ed-tech communities. She holds an M.A. from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.A. in English from Gettysburg College, where she is a member of the Alumni Board of Directors.

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