With the drastic change in the global job market brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, skills that job seekers need to possess are also changing, requiring a lack of qualified job applicants to fill many open roles. As a result of this shift, candidates are presented with increasing pressure to pass their certifications, prove their skills, and begin the next phase of their career, oftentimes focusing more on the end means, rather than how that goal is achieved.

In the modern world, it has become easier than ever for candidates to source alternative solutions to assist in completing their exams. One of the most common methods is proxy testing, which involves a third party taking an exam on their behalf. As our society has become more technologically advanced and readily adopted remote assessment delivery options, this type of cheating has become more prevalent than ever before.

To quickly identify and combat possible instances of proxy testing, the ProProctorTM remote assessment platform has implemented multiple layers of added security measures to ensure that the test taker is the correct candidate and remains the same person throughout the entire duration of the exam.

Locked-Down Browser: The ProProctor platform utilizes a proprietary lock-down browser, which prevents candidates from taking certain prohibited actions during their exam, such as screen printing, copying or pasting, or exiting the secure exam delivery desktop. The browser also controls access to internet services like email, instant messaging, and desktop sharing. The lock-down browser provides necessary and appropriate control of the computer without making modifications to the host system by isolating the exam session to a locked-down desktop, taking complete control over the computer environment, and allowing the ProProctor platform to become the only application running, protecting the exam from external intrusions, monitoring, or hacking.

Facial Recognition: The ProProctor platform utilizes facial recognition technology to ensure that the correct candidate is completing the exam throughout the entire exam administration by verifying their identity at the start of the session with an image of their face captured via webcam. Technology-assisted proctoring then immediately alerts proctors if a different face is detected during the examination process, or likewise, if multiple faces are present on screen, or if a person leaves the screen, providing added protection that monitors test-taker behavior and detects fraudulent activity for immediate escalation.

Security Testing: Finally, regular security testing ensures the ProProctor platform is safeguarded against screen sharing applications and other vulnerabilities. By detecting if there is an unknown application running during a remote proctoring session, the application can quickly be terminated.

As an industry leader, we take pride in proactively managing new risks as they emerge and staying ahead of the curve. By implementing cutting-edge technology that helps prevent cheating by upholding stringent measures to prevent proxy testing, the ProProctor platform helps ensure that our clients can feel confident about the integrity of their assessments while maintaining the convenience of remote assessment delivery for their candidates