Solution to increase access via at-home testing for license seekers in New Hampshire and Utah

Prometric announced today that aspiring insurance professionals in both New Hampshire and Utah will now be able to complete their examination requirements for their insurance license in the comfort and security of their homes or work spaces, using Prometric’s ProProctor™ remote proctoring solution. This online assessment solution enables license seekers to take their exam when it is convenient for them—providing the same security and reliability as exams delivered via in-center testing. New Hampshire and Utah join five other U.S. insurance departments who also currently offer the ProProctor testing solution: Nebraska, North Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The New Hampshire Insurance Department's Assistant Commissioner, Christie Rice, stated, "Offering Prometric’s ProProctor solution will provide the New Hampshire Insurance Department and our citizens with a broader range of access to testing—allowing individuals to choose whether to test from alternate locations, like home or personal work space, or at a safe, professionally managed test center location. While this is particularly important during these difficult times, it will also provide greater accessibility as we move forward. Prometric is paving the way for the insurance industry in offering online assessment solutions, and we are happy to be a part of that.”

Further, the Utah Insurance Department's Manager of Producer Licensing, Randy Overstreet, stated, "Utah Insurance partnered with Prometric earlier this year in order to provide greater testing access to future licensees. We have been impressed by Prometric’s willingness to find new solutions to help us achieve this, and look forward to using their remote proctoring solution to better reach our candidates now and in the future.”

The ProProctor platform is a proprietary remote testing system that uses advanced AI technologies and experienced 100% live proctoring staff to offer reliable monitoring and security risk mitigation throughout the examination process. The ProProctor solution is available day or night, from any location with standard internet access.  It uses the same test delivery software available in our global test center locations—ensuring a consistent experience across testing modalities. The application was designed with the user experience in mind, providing easy-to-use tools to confirm computer readiness and deliver the examination. 

“As we consider the current situation with COVID-19, as well as look to the future, Prometric remains committed to meeting the changing needs of our constituents and their candidates, said Sean Burke, Chief Client Officer at Prometric. “The ProProctor solution will provide New Hampshire and Utah insurance licensure candidates with a reliable alternative mode of testing, at a time when families are struggling to make ends meet and the economy needs qualified professionals to provide critical financial services products, such as insurance.”   


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