Ease Exam-Day Stress

You’ve registered for your exam, spent hours studying and completing practice tests – now what? Ensuring you are prepared with the logistics of taking your exam is just as important as preparing to master the content of your exam. Overcome exam-day stress by knowing exactly what to expect on test day – such as how to find your testing center, what documentation is needed, etc. – by scheduling a Test Drive in advance of your actual exam.

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Take a Test Drive

A Test Drive allows you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in an exact exam day experience, before your actual testing date. Test Drives provide the opportunity to take a 30-minute "dry-run" of the complete in-center, computer-based experience prior to their exam. Walk through in-center check-in procedures, such as I.D. and paperwork verification, while making sure you know exactly where to go on exam day. While the Test Drive will not necessarily reflect the exact questions or content of your particular exam, it will allow you to experience samples of question types that you might encounter on the actual exam.

What's a Test Drive?

By knowing what to expect on exam day, you can improve your confidence, while minimalizing surprises and improving your overall testing experience.

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No, you will not see questions from the actual exam. The questions presented to you during the Test Drive session are samples of question types which you may encounter on the real examination. These questions are not designed to be representative of the specific content of questions that may be a part of the real examination. Be sure to review the specific instructions and expectations provided by your test sponsor to ensure you are prepared for your actual test day. 

No, your Test Drive session will not be scored, nor will your responses to the Test Drive sample questions affect your real examination. The Test Drive is a sample test designed to prepare you for the look and feel of your exam, as well as the setup of the test center. 

The end-to-end Test Drive experience will include check-in at a physical testing location, ID confirmation, biometric-enabled check in, image capture, seating, a tutorial, a sample test, a survey of the experience, and end-of-test report and check-out. Taking a Test Drive will allow you to confirm that your documentation and materials will be accepted the day of the actual test. Once checked in, you'll be exposed to the full testing experience described above, in addition to the use of lockers, testing at a computer for 15 minutes and exposure to test center administrator walk-throughs, which occur during any actual test. Additionally, by driving to the testing center in advance, you can familiarize yourself with the parking situation, the location of the testing suite and the time it takes to drive to the center. 

Test Drives are available for computer-based testing programs. Please check with your testing sponsor to determine how the question types included on a test drive may differ from your actual computer-based exam.

Test Drives are available at Prometric testing centers across the globe during normal operating hours.

No. You can take a Test Drive as many times as you'd like to familiarize yourself with the testing process. 

Should you encounter any problems during the registration process, or you have any additional questions about Test Drive, please contact us. A Prometric representative will get back to you as quickly as possible.