Ensuring an honest and fair test experience for legitimate test takers worldwide is critically important to the way we do business. The reason for the existence of any credentialing program is candidates. Some seek professional certifications; others, licenses to practice in their fields. In all cases, the credentials are a public testament to the special knowledge and skills of the individual. They are a signal to society that the holder is qualified – to lead, to heal, to teach, to perform, to advise. That’s why it is critically important that professionals who hold credentials have truly, honestly and fairly earned the credentials they hold.

At Prometric, we take the necessary precautions to ensure that only eligible test takers are allowed to test while assuring that no one has an unfair advantage. Every proctor at every Prometric testing center is trained to recognize potential test security breaches, and every location is monitored with advanced security equipment and subjected to multiple random security audits.

High test security standards are applied to every part of our business, from test development and test publishing processes to test delivery and results processing. Test security on all levels, from intellectual property to test center staff, is critical to our operations and crucial to protecting the public from unqualified individuals. Enforcing test security in every process and procedure we employ enables us to provide test takers with a fair exam experience.

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