Here are the basic steps to get you ready for your Nebraska Insurance Exam. 

1. Create or Login to Your Account

Before scheduling your test, please create an account or log into your existing account. To create an account, you must:

  • Select “NE” as your state
  • Select “Insurance” as the business type
  • Enter your eligibility number (SSN)

2. Schedule Your Test

Once you are set up and logged into your account, you are able to schedule your test. Just enter your eligibility number (Social Security Number/SSN) and the first four letters of your last name. PLEASE NOTE: you must have an account and select ne’s insurance test in order to schedule online.

3. Review the Test Content Outlines

Prepare for your upcoming test by carefully reading the Test Content Outlines which have been prepared to help you successfully pass the test.

Series Title
13-01 Producer's Life and Annuities
13-02 Producer's Accident and Health or Sickness
13-03 Producer's Life and Annuities; Accident and Health or Sickness Insurance
13-04 Producer's Property and Casualty
13-07 Consultant's Life and Annuities; Accident and Health or Sickness
13-08 Consultant's Property and Casualty
13-09 Producer's Crop
Series Title
13-10 Public Adjuster
13-13 Producer's Motor Club
13-16 Producer's Title
13-21 Producer's Personal Lines
13-22 Producer's Property Insurance
13-23 Producer's Casualty Insurance
13-24 Producer's Examination for Funeral Insurance
13-26 Viatical Life Settlement

4. Download the License Information Bulletin

Please download the License Information Bulletin to find more information regarding fees, scheduling policies, scoring information and FAQs.