Healthcare Licensure and Certification Solutions

Perhaps more than any other type of profession, the healthcare industry has a need and a responsibility to protect the public by making sure those who practice medicine, or in any way serve or treat patients, are qualified. It is​ an area where, quite literally, health and safety are on the line every day. Prometric fully understands that nowhere are the stakes higher for delivering exams that are valid, reliable and fair than in the area of healthcare licensure and certification. As gatekeepers of public safety, healthcare organizations have a profound responsibility to help ensure that those who receive a healthcare credential to perform important clinical tasks have legitimately earned them.

More than 65 of the world’s leading healthcare organizations trust Prometric to provide secure, reliable testing and assessment solutions on their behalf. Our Healthcare Licensure and Certification Solutions, which cover medical admissions to specialty licenses in the practice of medicine and more, can address your unique requirements and commitment to the integrity of your programs.

Please contact us to learn more about our Healthcare Licensure and Certification Solutions and how our customized test development and test delivery processes can help you create a comprehensive, secure and measureable test.