Important Information

  • Languages: As in the real tests, you should take the verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests in your main language (one of the 24 official EU languages). You should sit the Language Comprehension (LC) test in your second language (English, French or German).
  • Timing: The tests are timed. In part 1 you will have 41 minutes to sit 25 questions for the VR, NR and AR (combined time) and in part 2 you will have 26 minutes for 12 LC questions.
  • Scoring: After each test you will receive your score. This feedback will allow you to judge whether you wish to progress with your application.
  • Minimal computer requirements
    • Minimum Internet connection 56k, but recommend high-speed connection of 1 Mbps
    • Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 with 256 colour;
    • Supported browsers:  Internet Explorer v10 or above, Mozilla Firefox v20 or above, Chrome v25.0 or above, Safari v6 or above
  • Equipment: For a true representation of the actual tests you should only have with you a pen and paper, plus a physical calculator (with basic functions) for the numerical reasoning questions (an onscreen online-calculator will also be available).

Select your main language below to start part 1 of the exam. Upon completing this you should select your second language to start part 2.

Please note that you should only use the navigation buttons within the exam application. Please do not use the back and forward buttons in your browser.

If you experience any technical issue with your exam please contact Prometric at

(Disclaimer:Your results at the self-assessment do not create any legal rights and are not taken into account in any way should you decide to proceed with your application. The questions delivered within the self-assessment are no longer part of EPSO's item bank and will therefore not be used in the actual tests. However, these questions remain fully covered by applicable copyrights.)