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Prometric - Food Safety
Food Safety - HACCP

Professional Food Handler Certificate

Prometric's food safety experts have developed the Professional Food Handler Certificate for professionals who handle food—or work indirectly with food items—in food preparation or serving areas. This assessment helps ensure that test takers have the appropriate knowledge and skills needed in preparing and serving food to protect the public against food-borne illness in both retail stores and restaurant environments. The Professional Food Handler Certificate focuses on the following areas so that test takers can demonstrate that they know how to:

  • Implement food safety practices to prevent foodborne illness, contamination and pest infestation
  • Clean and sanitize food preparation and serving areas properly
  • Identify appropriate personal hygiene protocols
  • Manage time and temperature control safety (TCS) when handling food
  • Recognize allergens and symptoms of allergic reactions

If you are interested in pursuing this certificate program for your professional growth or to comply with state/local requirements, schedule your test now.

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