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Core Osteopathic Recognition Readiness Examination (CORRE™) Examinee Information
All CORRE™ examinees are strongly advised to visit the NBOME Web site (; review the current CORRE™ Bulletin of Information (BOI) and eligibility before scheduling CORRE.
If you wish to schedule for CORRE™, and you inadvertently entered this site first, you must return to the NBOME Web site ( in order to register and pay for your examination before you can schedule a test date and time at a test center.
How to Schedule CORRE™
This system enables the examinee to search for a conveniently located testing center, and to select a date and time to be able to make the testing appointment. Examinees should follow the on-screen prompts and directions to successfully complete establishing their scheduled test date, time and location.
In order to schedule online examinee must provide a current and accurate e-mail address. Prometric will send an e-mail confirmation of the appointment. If an examinee does not have an e-mail address, please call the Prometric Contact Center at 800-481-6525. 
ADA Accommodations
Please review the CORRE™ Bulletin of Information (BOI) for more information on the NBOME Web site (
What to Bring to the Testing Center
Examinee must bring one form of identification, which must be a valid government-issued picture identification that is current and bears examinee’s name in English characters (as given at the time the appointment was made), a recent recognizable photograph, and signature. The following represent acceptable forms of government ID and include: passport, driver's license, national ID card, and military ID card. If the government ID does not have a signature, a second identification with a signature is needed for verification. Once at the test center, all personal belongings, as well as all textual material must be placed into secure lockers before entering the testing area of the test center. No food, snacks or drinks of any kind are permitted in the testing area of the Test Center.
What Time to Arrive at the Testing Center
All examinees should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled appointment to allow adequate time for check-in procedures including biometric capture which will be digitally stored with the individual’s records.
No payment is due or accepted at the testing centers.
Cancellation/Withdrawal and Reschedule Policy
CORRE™ examinees are strongly advised to consult the Cancellation, Withdrawal and Reschedule Policy posted in the Bulletin of Information, on the NBOME Web site ( wish to reschedule or cancel his/her examination appointment, please go to NBOME website to initiate the rescheduling/cancellation.  
Examinees are advised that the NBOME has strict regulations and policies regarding the security and integrity of CORRE™. Any violation of these regulations or policies may result in serious consequences to the examinee, including suspension from taking any NBOME examinations. Examinees should visit the NBOME Website, refer to the Bulletin of Information regarding irregular conduct. Examinees should also avoid any behavior that may be considered disruptive while testing at the test center.
Testing Experience
Examinees are advised to utilize the test day tips available on the NBOME Web site, to familiarize themselves with the examination process and procedures.


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