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Prometric understands the highly competitive and highly pressurized environment that surrounds the financial services industry.

Financial Services Licensure and Certification Solutions

Investments from the stock market to home ownership, evolving tax laws and new types of allowances are looked at more closely than ever. The public is placing its trust in the hands of capable financial services professionals–​investment brokers, mortgage brokers, accountants, tax preparers and others, to help ensure future financial security and well being.

Prometric’s Financial Services Licensure and Certification Solutions cover a range of capabilities from complex content development to highly secured yet convenient test delivery. With our specialized test development experts . . . to our exceptional capacity management . . . to group seat-blocking technology and in-office or weekend test events, we can get your test takers tested quickly, conveniently and securely – while ensuring that testing and assessment instruments are valid, reliable and fair.

Please contact us to learn more about our Financial Services Licensure and Certification Solutions and how our customized test development and test delivery processes can help you create a comprehensive, secure and measureable test.