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Selecting the right testing and assessment provider is an important decision. Count on Prometric for the right test development and delivery solutions.

Prometric is a trusted provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment solutions. Our more than 20 years of experience providing the right test development and test delivery solutions to the world’s most recognized organizations has enabled millions of people around the world to advance in their careers, earn more money or better themselves professionally.

The Right Solutions

At Prometric, we are always on the job, building, protecting and delivering testing programs that have been designed to measure the right knowledge, skills and abilities. We are committed to clients, their test takers and the value that their certification or licensing provides. Our industry expertise, technology and testing systems and networks are unparalleled in their convenience, security and consistency. Our proven, world-renowned track record is a testament to how we consistently provide the right Test Development and Delivery Solutions to global organizations and to millions of test takers each year to make it easier for employers to hire the most qualified candidates; provide better opportunities for workforce populations; and foster a business environment of accountability.

The Right Reach

We operate a secure network of 8,000 test centers in more than 160 countries, giving convenient access, as well as a wide selection of times and dates for testing, to test takers anywhere in the world. Our globally dispersed staff allows us to have on-the-ground “local” expertise wherever and whenever we need it to support testing and assessment programs.

The Right Protection

Whether we are providing physical security at the test center or are protecting intellectual property, our state-of-the-art technologies address test takers’ identities and unique needs while safeguarding complex and confidential information flow in its distribution and management.

The Right Expertise

From psychometricians and subject matter experts to provide advanced test development solutions... to systems engineers and trained test center administrators to provide secure test delivery, Prometric has the right expertise to address, manage and grow your test program in a secure and reliable manner.

The Right Choice

At Prometric, you can expect us to deliver customized services to meet all of your specific and unique test development and test delivery needs. We have the scope, scale, willingness and expertise to provide the right testing solutions, every time.