General COVID19 Updates

  • For all updates regarding COVID-19, please visit the Coronavirus Update page on the Prometric website

Remote Testing/ProProctor FAQs

  1. What is remote proctoring and how does it work?
    • Remote proctoring is an assessment delivery service that utilizes an on-line proctor to confirm the identity of the test-taker, protect the security and integrity of the exam, and deliver the computer-based test to the candidate.
  2. What is ProProctor?
    • ProProctor is Prometric’s remote proctoring assessment application
  3. If I have already scheduled my exam to take the test at a traditional testing center but want to change to the remote setting, can I do so and how? Is there a change fee involved?
    • If you are registered in a test center and want to switch to ProProctor, please cancel your test center appointment first.
    • Then you will use your eligibility number from your Authorization to Test letter to schedule via ProProctor for a remotely proctored exam by picking your day and time
    • There is no additional fee involved
  4. Are there any additional fees associated with remote testing?
    • No. 
  5. Is the remote test the same in content and length as the test administered at a traditional test center and will I receive the same VA-BC credential?
    • Yes, it is the same exam and credential. You will receive your results via email just as you do when testing in a test center.
  6. Where do I physically take a remote test and what set up is involved?
  7. How do you validate my identity in a remote proctoring situation?
    • Like a test site, you must present a valid, unexpired government-issued ID with signature and photo (such as driver’s license, state or government issued ID, or passport)
  8. Technology is not my strong suit. Will I still be able to coordinate a remote test on my end? Do I need special equipment and technology to take the test remotely? If so, what is required?
    • Please see the User Guide for System Requirements
    • You must have a web-camera and microphone. This can be a detachable web-camera or a webcam in your laptop. You can test your computer and equipment by performing the required system check.
  9. Will remote testing be offered now going forward?
    • Yes, VACC is offering testing using both options: in test centers and a remote setting