ProProctor benefits both candidates and test owners alike by providing:

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Greater Access

ProProctor gives candidates 24/7 access, allowing them to test wherever and whenever is most convenient.  This provides test owners with additional benefits, including:

  • Improved geographic reach in remote locations and where test taker volumes are low or sporadic

  • Increased volume via off-hours access for test takers whose schedules don't allow for 9-5 business hours

  • Increased access for candidates in windowed programs

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

  • A consistent testing platform
  • Self-service capabilities

    • Confirming computer systems requirements

    • Scheduling exam appointments

    • Test navigation

  • Live readiness agents to support test takers

  • Windows and MacOS compatible

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Advanced Security Measures

ProProctor follows the same standard security procedures as implemented in our global test center network.  We leverage the Prometric standard operating procedures and security manual to ensure comparable check in procedures to our traditional test centers.  Modifications are made to allow for the same procedures to be administered online, including:

  • 100% live-monitoring
  • Comprehensive 360 degree environmental readiness checks
  • Live security agents 
  • Proactive protocols (i.e. device checks)
  • Record and review functionality

To speak with a Prometric business development manager about how ProProctor can support your organization's assessment program:

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