There are now two ways to take your CoreCHI (“written”) certification exam. As a candidate you have the option to take your exam either in a physical Prometric test center or ONLINE at a location of your choice where you must be in a private room with a closed door and provide a computer with a camera, microphone, and a stable internet connection.

Scheduling your Exam

1. To schedule your exam at a physical test center:

Select the appropriate link on left-hand side of this page to get started.

2. To schedule an online “at-home” exam (remotely proctored):

  • You need to have a desktop or laptop (you cannot take the exam on a tablet or phone).
  • You need to have a reliable internet connection, wired connection preferred.
  • You need to have a web camera and microphone so that a remote proctor can watch you all the time during the exam (the exam is also video recorded).
  • You must take the exam in a private, uncluttered room with a closed door.

Before you schedule, you need to confirm your computer meets the technical specifications: click here. If your computer does not pass this check, you cannot schedule the online exam and need to schedule an exam at a physical test center.

Schedule your online “at-home” exam

Reschedule your online “at-home” exam

If you would like to cancel your exam please click here.

After scheduling your exam, please review your appointment confirmation email to ensure that you have the correct exam, date, time, and testing location.

Reschedule/Cancel Policy

Please plan your exam date carefully. You can reschedule or cancel your exam without any fee penalty, as long as you do so more than 30 (thirty) full calendar days before your scheduled exam appointment.

If you want to reschedule/cancel your exam within 6-29 calendar days before the exam date, you must pay Prometric the $35 reschedule/cancellation fee.

If you want to reschedule/cancel your exam within 5 or fewer days before the exam date (i.e. 1-4 days before the exam date), FIRST, you must contact CCHI (at the email provided below) and pay the $150 reschedule/cancellation fee.

If you don’t show up for the scheduled exam, OR if you are more than 10 minutes late, you will forfeit your entire exam fee. To schedule a future exam in this case, you must contact CCHI and pay the full exam fee.

For any questions about fees, eligibility, ADA accommodations, or test results, please contact CCHI directly, via email ONLY, at

Information about CCHI

CCHI’s application and certification process – learn more about CCHI’s national certification for healthcare interpreters.

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