Become a Certified Academic Language Practitioner or Therapist 

ALTA certification is determined by successful completion of all requirements, including acceptable performance on a comprehensive national registration examination administered by Prometric. All minimum requirements must be met as stated in ALTA Bylaws.

There are now two ways to take your ALTA Competency Exam for MSLE. As a candidate you have the option to take your exam either in a Prometric Testing Center or through a remotely proctored internet enabled location of your choice where you must provide a computer with a camera, microphone, and an internet connection.

The exam measures an individual's knowledge of and skills in Multisensory Structured Language Education (MSLE) and verifies that the individual has achieved the highest level of competency in the field of dyslexia education. Nine standards are evaluated on the exam:

  • language development
  • the structure of the language
  • dyslexia, written language disorders, and other related disorders
  • psycho-educational tests and informal assessments
  • diagnostic and prescriptive MSL strategies to improve reading, spelling, and written expression
  • relevant research in instructional practice
  • 504 and IDEA laws which guide professional conduct and advocacy for students
  • ethical standards of the profession
  • awareness of effective professional written and oral communication with parents, colleagues, and other professionals.

The ALTA Competency Exam for Multi-Structured Language Education

Individuals wishing to become a Certified Academic Language Practitioner/ Therapist (CALP/ CALT) and Member of ALTA must pass the ALTA Competency Exam for MSLE. 

In order to sit for the ALTA Competency Exam for MSLE, applicants MUST receive prior approval from the ALTA Registration/Certifying Committee. An application to sit for the exam can be found on our website: Applicants should carefully review the requirements for CALP/ CALT membership before applying. 

Once an applicant has received their approval email from the ALTA Certifying Committee, they may register for the ALTA Competency Exam on the Prometric website. Exam application approvals will remain valid for one year. 

Important Test Day Checklist

    *  valid photo identification

Candidates seeking testing accommodations must submit a completed request packet. The health care provider who made the diagnosis or who is treating you must document the nature of the disability or illness on their portion of the packet and must provide their signature. This documentation will help us determine the appropriate testing accommodations. Generally, at least 30 days’ advance notice is required to arrange testing accommodations and there is no additional charge to candidates.


Testing fees are generally not refundable or transferable. In very limited situations such as death of the candidate or accidentally signing up for the examination twice for the same date and time, refunds will be considered. Please contact the ALTA office at to process these requests. 

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