Prometric is a company with an understanding of who we’re helping and why.  It is our first and foremost ambition to provide a fair opportunity for every honest test taker to prove their merits, to help them accomplish lifelong goals for career and education advancement.  It’s our calling, and we embrace it. 

We work in close partnership with our clients, some of the world’s most recognized and regarded organizations and agencies in government, education, technology, finance, healthcare and business to deliver the right test, on the right day, at the right time and, always, to the right candidate. 

We recruit and hire the best employees who have courage to question “the way it’s always been done” and who have the care, acumen and engagement to work collaboratively, across functions, to find new and better ways to be faster and more cost effective at our business.  We invest in our talent, and that means providing our employees the facilities, technology and work/life balance to continually reach farther and earn our place as the performance leader in global testing and assessment.  Our success earns financial returns, and we continue to build on our merits year-over-year. 

Not many companies can say they impact the direction of people’s lives and put people on the path to achieving their dreams.  We do, and we are invigorated by the opportunity.


Providing a professional environment for honest test takers to take reliable, valid tests

VALUE STATEMENT 2: Work Excellence

Changing tasks and workflows to provide better quality services, delivered faster and less expensively


Assigning — or hiring — the best people and supporting their collaboration and communication with others


Showing care for employees and their development

VALUE STATEMENT 5: Financial Performance

Meeting or beating commitments for growth and financial plans

VALUE STATEMENT 6: Operational Challenges

Identifying, reporting and fixing operational errors


Investing for innovation and growth to generate future financial returns